Three books to help you connect with customers using social media

My new book, Social Media For Project Managers, focuses on how to use social media and enterprise collaboration tools to improve the efficiency of an organization’s ability to deliver projects. What about connecting with customers? Social media is great for branding, marketing, and communication with customers, government bodies, lobby organizations, and other external groups. You might find situations where your PR and Marketing teams need to be involved. In these cases, you may need to assist them with a social media campaign. Here are three resources to help you get started: The Social Media Marketing Book by Dan Zarrella (@DanZarrella).
This paperback is small in size and will not take too much time to read. This book is a great introduction to social media marketing. It covers blogs, microblogging, Twitter, and social media, as well as media sharing for video, photos, news sites and bookmarking. It also includes two chapters on strategy and measuring your efforts. This book also contains many screenshots and graphs. This book will assist your Marketing team and provide great external publicity for your project.
Friends with Benefits by Darren Barefoot & Julie Szabo
This is my favorite social media marketing guide. It’s easy to understand, clear and practical. This is the perfect gift for Marketing friends.
The Social Media Survival Guide (2nd edition) by Sherrie A.Madia and Paul Borgese
This guide is for beginners and provides more information about how to start building an online presence and creating good content for your business. Chapter 12 is a good chapter on podcasting. However, the book is prone to making silly errors like claiming that Twitter hash tags can contain spaces like “#organic food” This is a mistake. They also call the Twitter Fail Whale “Failwell” and mix up the terms blog with post when talking about blogging. You can give it to your Marketing team, but you might want it to be read first. Highlight the best bits like Chapter 11 about creating socially enabled content.
These are some of the books you might have read.