How to Fix Meetings (Book Review).

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How to Fix Meetings: Meet Fewer, Focus on Outcomes, and Get Stuff Done is by Hayley Watts and Graham Allcott, Productivity Ninja author.
It’s a book that teaches you how to best use your attention.
Each section includes a practical exercise and tips to help you recognize when you have improved the meeting culture in your workplace. This makes it easy to implement these ideas.
The book’s goal is to make meetings productive and to leave you feeling like your time in meetings is more important than any work that didn’t get done. Instead of feeling like I do sometimes, you will realize that you wasted so much time in meetings and that it would have been better to get on with something else.
The book is pragmatic and recognizes that it’s unrealistic for anyone to just say “cancel all meetings!” or expect every meeting to be brilliant.
How to Fix Meetings is packed with clever tips, such as how to schedule out-of-office travel to get extra non-meeting hours and how to block your calendar in a way that will not be questioned.
The authors offer a four-point framework to help you prepare for, chair and follow up on meetings. This will ensure that everyone has a positive experience. Their agenda template is innovative, and a vast improvement over what I have seen in corporate experience. You’ll be amazed at the number of elements they include, but if you want your meeting to be positive and active you can use every element.
It’s an enjoyable read and a practical guide to making meetings more productive. I have never seen such great tips before. It is clear that Graham and Hayley are committed to meeting design.
This book is one I will always refer to when I need to plan an important meeting. However, the principles can be applied every day.
How to Fix Meetings
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Authors: Hayley Watts and Graham Allcott
Editor’s Rating:5