Citrix Remote PC Access – How is it changing the work-life in the IT Industry?

Although the COVID 19 situation wasn’t on our radar this year, it was inevitable that there would be a pandemic. Many companies offered their employees the opportunity to work remotely because social distancing is the best way to manage this situation. While for many, working from home is a dream come true, for others, it can seem tedious.
Content writers can quickly complete their job with simple writing tools and an internet connection. But a techie needs to have a lot of apps available for every day work, large data storages, and sensitive information. This is why IT companies offer virtual clouds to their employees to make their job easier.
Covid-19 was uncertain and tech companies created public clouds to handle the overloaded virtual environments. The public clouds are now experiencing an uncontrollable load that is causing a capacity overload.
Citrix remote access is gaining popularity as companies face increased cloud computing requirements. This has led to a number of companies switching to Citrix remote access.
The desktop capacity is already available
This eliminates the need to create new images or install new applications.
It is easy to use and operate as it is similar to working on the same system before.
Access to systems quickly and easily
Simple and efficient Asset Management
Citrix Remote PC Access is gaining popularity because of all these reasons. Major companies are switching to this simple and efficient solution. Guess what? This remote access feature is already available in Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops (also known as Citrix Workspace). Citrix Workspace, a secure and unified virtual platform, provides simplified solutions for network management and Apps.
Three Top Features of Citrix Remote Access
Remote PC access powered by Citrix has been improved and is now more focused on automating processes. These three elements will show you how it can simplify your day and make time-sensitive tasks easier.
Based on OU Membership, Auto-Addition of Desktops.
If a remote PC Access VDA registers using a connector, the server will automatically add the VDA to the remote PC Access catalog if the Desktop’s OOU is listed in the machine catalog.
Auto-Addition of Desktops to Respective Delivery Groups

You can also associate Desktops with Delivery Groups. This can be done when creating a Delivery group. Once a Desktop has been added to the catalog it will automatically be added to the associated Delivery Group. Studio UI cannot change this association.
Supports auto-assignment for users who log on locally to a registered remote PC Access VDA.

If this feature has been enabled and the user logs in locally to a computer, he will be assigned the VDA if he’s mapped with ‘any of the Delivery Group Assignment Rules.
These features make it easy to deploy Remote PC Access. However, you may face some challenges during implementation. Below are some common issues and solutions.

Three Common Challenges in Citrix Remote Computer Access Deployment
After installing a VDA, users will need to log in to their desktops to assign desktops. You can import the mapping between the desktops and users you want into Citrix Studio, as work-from-home is becoming more popular. PowerShell Script can be used for Citrix Cloud and on-premises deployments.
2. Assignment of Users
A “Desktop Assignment Rule”, which you can configure in your Delivery Group, allows automatic assignment of desktops for users who log in locally. This rule can be used to restrict desktop assignments to specific Active Directory groups, or to allow anyone with access to the Delivery Group to be assigned. All users who log in locally will be assigned the desktops by default if they pass the assignment rule. If there is no assigned assignment rule, auto-assignments will not be made. This means that Studio will only assign the assignment you have made directly or via script.
3. VDA Installation
It can be difficult to manage Remote PC Access deployments. However, it is possible to install Virtual Delivery Agent (VDA) on the desktop. It is possible to make VDA installation simpler if prerequisites are installed prior to VDA, or if a reboot is performed after each prerequisite has been installed.
Businesses working remotely will benefit from the increased use of work-from-home and the opportunity to upskill their employees. It will eventually lead to a more productive workforce, increase employee satisfaction, and improve the company’s work-life harmony.
This Citrix Solution is the best ally you can have.