Boson’s Practice Exams Sold Separately

Brian Scheibe Is it a guide, a book review or a practice test? Let’s begin by defining the features of each to be able to compare them.
Study Guide – Covers all the concepts that could be found on a live exam
Book Review – Reviews the topics covered in each chapter of the book
Practice Exam – Covers topics and concepts that you will likely see on the live exam in an environment that simulates the actual exam
How can you tell which material you have now that you know the material? One way is to look at how the material is presented. Logically, if you can sort the CD by chapter, it is a book overview. If you can sort the CD according to topic or concept, it is either a study aid or a practice exam.
If you are able to sort the CD by topic or concept, and have determined that the CD is either a study or practice exam, then you must determine if the material is a guide or practice exam. Because both can be sorted in the same way, there is no way to know. You could either wait to take the live exam or compare the topics on the CD to the published topics from exam vendor. If the topics on CD match, it’s most likely a study book. If not, it’s most likely a practice test.
Some people have misunderstood products on a book CD to be Boson practice exams. This mistake is easy to make. The Boson logo is on the book, the Boson logo is on the CD, and the Boson logo is on the engine that views the content. The Boson Exam Environment (BEE) is the testing engine that delivers the content. Boson is not responsible. The content is created and maintained by the book vendor and author.
Although the practice exams and study guides that you receive from a CD in a book may be delivered via the BEE (Boson Electronics Exchange), they are not Boson products. Demo products from Boson allow you to compare the quality and quality of a Boson exam to the exam from the CD. Click the “Get Demos” tab in the BEE to download a Boson ExSim-Max Demo for the same exam. I recommend that you download a demo to compare the two. Keep in mind that the more material in the practice exam, you have the best chance of passing your certification exam.
One last thought about the CD material, if it is a practise exam: Is it a good one? A good practice exam should:
All concepts will be covered on the live exam.
The same number of question types.
Simulate the difficulty of the questions in the live exam.
Simulate the question types using multiple choice and simulation questions.
Make it easy to understand.
Provide a detailed explanation of the correct and incorrect answers.
Refer to a reference that supports the correct answer. Encourage more learning.

Boson ExSim-Max practice tests have all the features you would expect from a good practice exam. They are also delivered in the BEE. This includes many features that will maximize your learning time. The Boson ExSim Max practice exams are not like the ones you get in the book.
Remember: If it is not from the back of a book, it is not Boson’s content. It’s also not an ExSimMax Practice Exam.
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