AWS Security Hub is now generally available. AWS Security Hub has been released from preview and is now generally available. This one-stop shop allows users to monitor and manage compliance information and security alerts coming from a variety of cloud services. AWS launched the tool in preview in December last year, following a series of security breaches that affected customers who had not properly configured their Amazon S3 storage containers. Although the AWS platform is not to blame, the company seems to have increased its security initiatives. They added controls to prevent public access to S3 storage containers, as one example of many other initiatives. The AWS Security Hub will undoubtedly help users to focus on security and get a handle of wide-ranging security issues. According to the hub’s website, Security Hub is a single place that aggregates and organizes security alerts or findings from multiple AWS services such as Amazon GuardDuty and Amazon Inspector as well as AWS Partner solutions. All this data is presented in integrated dashboards with graphs and tables that can be accessed by users. The tool also lets users automatically monitor their cloud environments, checking on compliance according to the AWS best practices and organization-specific industry standards. [Click on the image to see a larger view.] How AWS Security hub Works (source: AWS). Brandon West, a developer with Amazon Web Services Inc., dived into the details in a blog post on June 24, detailing the hands-on aspects and nitty-gritty of integrations, custom actions, and more. It works with all AWS accounts and integrates seamlessly with many AWS services as well as third-party products,” West stated. You can also use the Security Hub API for your own integrations. These were his “important notes”

  • AWS Config must also be enabled in order for Security Hub compliance checks can run.
  • AWS Security Hub is available for 15 regions: US East, US East (Ohio), US West(Oregon), US West(N. California), Canada [Central], South America (Sao Paulo], Europe (Ireland], Europe (London), Europe’s Paris, Europe (Frankfurt), Asia Pacific (“Singapore”) Asia Pacific (“Tokyo”) Asia Pacific “Sydney”) Asia Pacific” and Asia Pacific (“Mumbai”)
  • AWS Security Hub doesn’t transfer data outside the region where it was created. Data is not consolidated across different regions.

West stated that “AWS Security Hub” is the type of service I’ll enable on most of the AWS accounts that I manage. “As compliance standards improve this year, I expect that it will be a standard tool in many toolboxes. You can get a 30-day free trial so you can test it out and estimate your costs. We want to hear from you and learn how you use AWS Security Hub. Keep in touch and happy building!