AWS falls behind Microsoft and Google in Cloud AI Development. According to Gartner’s Magic Quadrant report on cloud AI (developer services), former leader Amazon Web Services (AWS), is now trailing Google, Microsoft, and IBM. The Magic Quadrant report divides vendors into four groups (Leaders and Challengers, Niche Players, Visionaries, and Visionaries), and two axes (Ability and Completeness of Vision). AWS, along with Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, and IBM, is again in the Leaders section this year. AWS was found to be leading in both the Ability of Execute and Completeness Of Vision axes in the 2020 report. However, AWS is trailing Google and Microsoft on the former axis for 2021 and trailing all three vendors on the latter. [Click on the image to see a larger view.] Gartner’s “Magic Quadrant”, 2020 versus 2021, for cloud AI developer services. It is not clear if this means much for enterprises. Gartner defines cloud AI development services, or CAIDS as “cloud-hosted, containerized services/models that enable development teams and business users leverage artificial intelligence (AI), models via APIs or software development kits (SDKs), respectively, without requiring deep knowledge in data science.” Analysts believe that AI and machine learning (ML), have made developers’ roles more flexible. They can use AI/ML models to predict trends, classify information, assess risks, automate processes, and more. Developers can use ML modeling to automate or add functionality to existing applications to create new types of applications. The report indicates that developers will incorporate AI/ML models in applications to:

  • Create conversational agents
  • Unstructured text and image assets can be extracted from or metadata added.
  • Create ML models that suggest the next best actions and forecast prospects’ propensity for purchasing or automating decision making for business workflows

These efforts will be focused on three main functional areas: vision, language, and automated machine learning (autoML). The report states that language services include natural language understanding, conversational agent frameworks and text analytics. Sentiment analysis and other capabilities are also included. The vision services include image recognition and video content analysis. AutoML services are automated tools that allow developers to prepare data, feature engineer, create models, deploy them, monitor and manage them without needing to learn data science. Licensed-for-distribution copies of Magic Quadrant reports are typically provided by vendors who are covered, easily discoverable with a quick Web search. Gartner’s view of the market is not necessarily based on today’s market. It is focused on the future transformational capabilities and potential uses of technology.