Agenda Template: Lessons Learned

This month’s freebie includes a template for a lesson learned meeting agenda.
What is this Template Used For?
A lessons learned meeting is a review of what went well and what didn’t on a project.
This template will help you organize your time in the meeting so that you can talk about the good and bad parts.
This agenda template is focused on the topics that should be discussed during a lesson learned meeting. I love to hold lessons learned meetings after projects are completed. Learn what you can, when and how you can.
Lessons learned meetings, also known as post-implementation reviews and project post-mortems, are different from other meetings. A bespoke agenda is required for your meeting. The normal agenda you use to run a project team meeting will not suffice.
This is why I created this template. It already contains the topics that you will be discussing during your lesson learned session.
You can also edit the template in Microsoft Word. You can add any additional agenda topics. Even if you don’t plan to hold a lesson learned meeting, you can still edit the template to make it work.
How can I access the template for the lessons learned meeting agenda?
This template is part of my resource library of project management templates. This collection contains documents that you can use at work to manage your projects.
These files are suitable for small and medium-sized projects. They are very basic, but they can be a good starting point to many of your project management needs. In my template shop, I offer a wider range of professional templates for project managers.
Finally, you can use this template in your work, but not sell it. This is the only problem!
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