Xivic: ActiveCollab Makes It So Simple To Communicate Asynchronously

Written byMalinda L. Lloyd,Director Strategic AccountsI have been working professionally in digital since late ’90s. I started my career as an assistant at a design and software agency. I learned coding on the job. I was able to teach myself HTML, JavaScript and Authorware. I also had the opportunity to learn Flash, Illustrator, Flash and Action Script. I realized that my skills were better suited for project management and creative endeavors. I have worked for many large and small companies. But my favorite experience was at Disney. I was promoted from Project Manager to Producer, and used all my tech and design skills on large, complex projects. Before ActiveCollab, managing and communicating with people across different time zones was a difficult task. The service was recommended by a US development vendor to me. ActiveCollab was the first cloud-based project management tool I used. But, once I began using ActiveCollab, it was a love affair! ActiveCollab is used daily by Xivic, the company I work for. It has teams across Europe, the US and Mexico. It makes it easy to communicate across time zones in an actionable and trackable manner using ActiveCollab. ActiveCollab allows teams to ask questions, track statuses and update them, report time and communicate efficiently and effectively. I don’t have to work in the same way every day or on one system. You can reply to email notifications, use the mobile app and web access to reply to clients. It is easy to reach my clients and teams from wherever I am working, on whatever device, using the email app or web access. I check my phone for updates while I have my first cup of coffee. I am excited to use the project estimate features. Although the reporting tools are great for keeping track of team hours, workload, and other information, I would like to be able to track the final results back to the original project estimate.