Wunderlabel: Efficient Information Flow

My name is Catherine and I work as a translator and copywriter at Wunderlabel headquarters in Wurzburg. Our company specializes in clothing labels and other branding materials. Anyone can order our products online from our Wunderlabel headquarters in Wurzburg, Germany. We have a team that is spread around the globe. Our online business has many layers. There are departments such as marketing and creative, logistics, customer support, and customer service. This made it difficult for our team to communicate effectively. The information flow was not efficient and clear enough, especially as the company grew rapidly. We no longer have to reply to emails in long, confusing threads. ActiveCollab allows us to ask questions, comment and sign off on projects. The daily to-do lists help us stay on track and adhere to our schedule. We don’t have to search Google Drive for a document or make phone calls to clarify points. ActiveCollab is a great platform that saves us time and reduces stress.