What’s a Panniculectomy?

About Panniculectomy – 

Beverly Hills panniculectomy surgery is aimed to eliminate sagging skin and fat from the lower part of the abdomen and give it a sharp feature. It differs from a tummy tuck in the sense that the abdominal muscles are not tightened during panniculectomy. There are many reasons people might opt for this surgery. The most common among them are age, pregnancy, heredity, and prior surgery weight loss. Persons wanting to do away with the excess fat that has accumulated near the abdomen area can go in for this type of surgery.

A panniculectomy cannot be a better option for weight loss or exercise program. Though panniculectomy offers a permanent solution, the end result can be affected by constant fluctuation in the weight of the patient. Therefore, those who want to lose weight should postpone their surgery. This Beverly Hills surgery cannot erase the stretch marks though it may slightly improve it.

Do note that it may leave a scar in the case of chronic weight loss when surgery is done. The excess fat which is below the belt line sags and is known as pannus or abdominal apron and can severely give a negative effect on the quality of life. The wrinkles and folds in the skin can hamper and put pressure on the back and make life uneasy. It also gives rashes and putting on clothes can be very irritating and uncomfortable.

The surgery involves an invasive surgical procedure which lasts between three to five hours and may require an overnight stay at the Beverly Hills hospital. Initially, it may be uncomfortable after the surgery but the side effects come down with proper post-surgery care through medication. For a few weeks, no hard or heavy work should be done. The stitches will be removed in about weeks’ time. In due course of time, the stitch marks will also fade away.