What is Tissue Expansion?

Learn More About Tissue Expansion

Augmentation of the tissue helps the body develop new skin which is used in replacing any other portion of the body. This is a simple procedure by which the body grows extra skin.

The area which is to be restored is implanted with a silicone balloon and slowly inflated with carbon dioxide or saline, making the skin expand. Usually, this procedure of growing extra skin for reconstruction is done for the breast replacements, birth deformities, remedial measures, operations, and in case of accidents.

In case your Beverly Hills plastic surgeon advises you to go through this procedure, then you ought to have the fundamental knowledge about tissue expansion, how it’s conducted, and its outcome. The operation of growing extra skin for reconstruction will take a couple of hours depending on the area and the thickness of the skin. A silicone balloon expander is injected under the skin, which comprises of a self-sealing valve, through which the medical practitioner loads the balloon expander with carbon dioxide or saline.

When the cut has healed, the doctor will ask you to visit so that the expander can be charged again. As the expander increases in size, your skin will also grow. Some people may feel uneasy and anxious as the expander is filled with carbon dioxide.

The following surgery is done to remove the expander when the skin has grown to cover the afflicted area. The operation to instill a stable implant is comparatively short. More complicated and multiple surgeries, like that of the face or scalp, might need more than one expansion course to get the desired effect.

This procedure is apt for scalp surgeries as the expanded skin of the scalp maintains a regular hair growth. This procedure is also practiced for restoring the skin on the head, hands, legs, and arms.