What is Regenerative Medicine?

Regenerative Medicine in Beverly Hills

Regenerative medicine deals with the science of replacing and regenerating the human cells, tissues, organs and brings normal functioning to those parts. It uses cells, tissues, and drugs to aid the patients to recover quickly from trauma, cancer therapy, and other ailments. The regenerative medication helps both in healing and gaining new tissues. Research is currently going on by scientists and people involved in medical research to give regenerative medicine a boost. Beverly Hills plastic surgeons are finding new ways to use regenerative medicine to treat their patients clinically.

The areas of research are in the field of burn care where Beverly Hills plastic surgeons use the protein scaffolds to generate the skin layer or the deep area of the skin. Nerve regeneration involves the surgery of the hand. The upper extremity surgery and the lower extremity surgery are making improvements in regenerating the nerves and restoring its function to the best possible extent after an injury. Breast reconstruction is done to persons suffering from breast cancer. Plastic surgeons in Beverly Hills are getting good results from the use of decellularized tissue scaffolds.

Wound care is a difficult task. Hence, more attention has be given to tissue engineering and regenerating medication strategies. Fat grafting has made a huge impact in surgical regenerative medicine where the fat tissues are transferred in a minimally invasive way.

A fun fact: a plastic surgeon performed the first human organ transplant. Bioprosthetic interfaces mean connecting humans and a machine. It helps in connecting the severed nerves with artificial limbs. It involves rerouting of the severed nerve to different muscles to help the sensors on the skin find the signals and send them to a computer that controls the artificial limbs.