What is Microsurgery?

Microsurgery –

Beverly Hills reconstructive microsurgery is one of the specialized fields where microscopes and precision equipment are used to correct complicated problems, such as that of the blood vessels and nerves, which are very small in diameter. This operation helps in restoring the malfunctioning of the blood vessels damaged by trauma, cancer, and congenital defects. It helps transfer tissues from one part of the body to another part and reattach the severed part. The operation also helps in tissue transplantation.

It’s a highly specialized field requiring individual attention. The surgery is done in case of complex problems requiring reconstruction or when other available methods like skin grafting prove inadequate. The common microsurgery procedure is for breast reconstruction, head and neck reconstruction, free muscle transfer in case of muscle paralysis, digit re-plantation, and nerve grafting among others. The microsurgery is performed with the help of a microscope. Cataract of the eye and glaucoma, vasectomies, and tube ligations require minute microscopic treatment.

Plastic surgery now requires microscopic treatment for damaged skin, muscles, and tissues. It is also useful in the reconstruction of the amputated part of the body. The surgery is done in case of tumor and neurosurgery, as well as for the treatment of vascular defects in the brain. After the surgery, the patients are fed with intravenous fluids and given liquid diets for about 12 to 24 hours. Lots of rest is required and care is needed round the clock. The patient should be kept warm and kept properly hydrated. The part of the body which was operated should be kept elevated to help the excess fluid drain out.

The surgery is done through a microscope which magnifies the minute operating areas so that the surgery can be done with precision. Unlike other surgeries, this operation requires absolute precision as the area to be operated is very small and intricate. The surgery is full of risk because it deals with operating minute parts of the body which are complex in nature. The microsurgery might carry the risk of hematine, flap necrosis, infection and wound complication. Call your local Beverly Hills plastic surgeon for more information.