Tummy Tuck Surgery Beverly Hills

How to Know If You’re A Good Candidate for a Tummy Tuck Surgery

Everyone dreams of a perfectly firm, toned tummy. While the right exercise routine can help achieve the desired results, some cases require more advanced solutions. A tummy tuck surgery is the most appropriate procedure for people who suffer the consequences of significant weight loss, aging or pregnancy. This kind of plastic surgery can reduce excess fat and sagging skin, and eliminate the lack of confidence caused by loose abdominal muscles.

Consider getting a tummy tuck surgery if you want to:

Improve core muscle strength. Ideally, the abdominal muscles should come together again after losing weight or after pregnancy. If this is not your case because your muscles are too weak to complete the ideal process, you may want to eliminate the look of a pooched, distended abdomen. A renowned plastic surgeon will be able to achieve a better core muscle tone and you will regain your self-confidence with a firm tummy.

Get rid of excess fat. In some special cases, rigorous training and diet may not be enough to eliminate the fat accumulation in the lower abdomen. You can get a smoother abdomen thanks to a tummy tuck surgery combined with liposuction, and say goodbye to those fat bulges.

However, it is important to note that this is not about a procedure to help patients lose weight. Honest plastic surgeons will tell you that weight loss should be the first step before getting a tummy tuck surgery. Good candidates looking for a flat abdomen are not far from their goal weight. In fact, their weight should have been maintained for several months. They have excess abdominal skin, a pooched tummy, and weak muscles unable to come together again.

Your plastic surgeon will tell you what your specific surgical options are based on your unique anatomy, and your tummy tuck results will last as long as you make efforts to keep a healthy lifestyle.