TSO and Axelos launch the MSP Foundation app

Launch of the MSP Foundation App by AXELOS & TSO
Axelos, the governing body of MSP certification, has partnered up with TSO to launch an MSP Foundation App. This app is the latest in a series that Axelos has made available to learners. The app was created to assist aspirants in obtaining MSP foundation certification. The app has many powerful features that will prove invaluable to aspirants. It contains the complete MSP 5th Edition glossary, detailed MSP case studies and officially certified exam questions. There are even mock tests. It can also help users track their performance which is a great benefit for those who want to analyze and improve. Justin Kitchener, a prominent high level executive at TSO, called the app a “powerful instrument”. The app was further praised by Kitchener, who went so far as to say that it would be a “powerful companion for the MSP 5th Edition manual”.
What is MSP certification?
This certification is for managing successful programmes, offered by Axelos to professionals who actively participate with Programmes. These are candidates who want to improve their profile and be able to work in programme organizations in the future. Candidates who have been awarded MSP certification gain a solid foundation for the successful implementation of program principles, transformational flows, and related governance issues. Recruiters can learn more about the candidate’s expertise and knowledge in the field by obtaining the MSP certification.
How do you get MSP certification?
Axelos has accredited the MSP certification. You do not need to have any prerequisites in order to obtain your MSP certification. Anyone wishing to become a MSP certified must be familiar with the subject and the MSP manual. They also need to meet the minimum requirements of Axelos, the governing body. Axelos offers three levels of certification. Axelos offers three levels of certifications: Practitioner, Foundation, and Advanced Practitioner. Each certification requires that you pass a minimum of requirements to pass the Axelos exam.
Exam roadmap to MSP certification
MSP Foundation exam –
This exam is open to all.
It is used to assess the candidate’s knowledge of MSP framework.
– The minimum score required to pass is 35 points out of 70
– The entire question paper is composed of MCQs.
– This is a closed-book examination
The exam lasts 60 minutes.
MSP Practitioner exam –
To be eligible for this exam, the candidate must have passed the MSP foundation exam.
It measures the candidate’s ability to grasp the concepts of MSP and their ability to apply them in scenario-based questions.
Passing the exam requires a minimum score of 40 points out of 80.
MCQs are the only way to answer all questions on this exam.
It is an open-book exam.
– The exam lasts for 150 minutes.
MSP advanced practitioner exam –
To be eligible to take this exam, the candidate must have both MSP practitioner and MSP foundation certification.
– This exam tests the candidate’s ability to apply the concepts learned in MSP to hypothetical situations.
38 points out of 75 is the minimum score required for passing.
-The essay-based questionnaire is the basis of the exam.
– It is an open book exam.
The exam lasts 180 minutes.
As you can see, it can be difficult to obtain full MSP certification. Axelos launched an official tool to assist candidates in starting their MSP foundation. The app offers many features to help candidates achieve their MSP foundation certification.
Axelos’ MSP foundation app offers robust features:
Learn more
Chance to access and learn the complete MSP 5th Edition glossary.
– Case studies can help you understand the concepts better.
– Practice with official exam questions and content provided by the governing body.
Revise –
– Study sections are clearly delineated to allow for easy division of the subject into easily accessible pockets.
This enhances the learning experience and adds to knowledge from other courses and books.
– The performance tracking feature allows the candidate to analyze and identify areas where they can improve.
Test –
– There are many quick questions that you can take with detailed answers.
– Includes mock exams that simulate real exam experience.
Additional information –
The latest news on certification.
Exclusive Offers Available
– Additional information about MSP 5th Edition manual.
The app has powerful features that will enable aspirants to obtain certification in Managing Successful Practitioners.