The Project Management Plan is developed

We all know that the project manager plan is the key document that outlines the overall planning, monitoring, implementation, and reporting activities for a project. How does one create such a document?
First, one must examine what is on the desktop. These are the inputs needed to develop a Project Management Plan.
Preliminary Project Scope statement,Ai This preliminary Project Scope Statement forms part of the Project Management Plan’s scope section. It includes a description and boundaries of the scope and major deliverables.
Project management processes, Ai Project management processes are descriptions that describe how the project will run. Communication management in your company might include status updates on the project bulletin board.
Organizational process assets,Ai Organizational Process assets are resources, processes, or procedures from all or any of the organizations involved in a project that have an impact on the process or the outcome of a project. The Project Management Plan can be developed using plans, policies, procedures, or guidelines. The organization’s processes include, for example, the installation of net new equipment in its data center. Another aspect is the skill set of current staff.
Enterprise environmental factors,Ai Enterprise environmental elements can affect the project outcome from within and outside of an organization. The Project Management Plan may be influenced by market conditions and company culture.
One important point is that the Project Management Plan must consider any conditions or factors which might affect it.
There are many tools and techniques available that can be used to develop the Project Management Plan. These tools and techniques include:
Project management methodology,Ai A project Management Methodology is a systematic approach to creating a Project Management Plan. Methodologies can be complex or simple depending on the type of project and the needs for the organization.
A project management information system (PMIS), Ai A PMIS is typically a computer driven system that assists a team in developing a project plan. It can calculate costs, schedules, expected outcomes, and expectations. It can also publish the approved document.
Expert judgment, Ai Expert judgement is used to develop technical details and managerial details for the Project Management Plan. Expert judgment refers to the technical and managerial expertise of the project team. Experiential employees and organizations will have greater insight into corporate culture than a new hire.
We now have the tools, techniques, and inputs to help us create a project management program. Next, we need to actually have the plan and its components. The Project Management Plan includes 11 core components that are responsible for monitoring, controlling, and executing. There are many more, but these 11 core components are a good starting point. These are the eleven core components of a Project Management Plan.
The project management team determines the processes
Each process is implemented by the project management team.
These are the descriptions of the techniques and tools that can be used to accomplish those processes.
The project life cycle and associated phases
How the chosen processes will be used for managing the project
How the work will be done to achieve the project goals
How will changes be monitored and controlled
How configuration management will be done
How project management baselines are maintained
Communication techniques among stakeholders
Management reviews will be held to address issues and resolve pending decisions.
Another way to develop a project management plan for your organization is to gather all subsidiary plans and include them in the Project Management Plan. Subsidiary Plans are the outputted document to plan from a knowledge base.