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Sunspots treatments are designed to reduce the damaging effects of being exposed to ultraviolet lights (UV) for a prolonged period of time also known as liver spots, age spots or solar lentigines. The treatment can successfully treat the spots and restore your previous appearance.
What Are Sunspots?
Age spots or liver spots usually appear on the face, hands, and shoulders, and they form when pigment collected in the upper layers of epidermis forms a brown spot or blemish. This is a common skin problem ad it is a result of long exposure to the sun or spending a significant amount of time in tanning booths. They can appear at any age and they are especially common among people with light skin.
Liver spots are not dangerous and do not damage your health, although they are unsightly and people often feel embarrassed by them. People with lighter skin complexion are more prone to getting sun spots or age spots. Genetics also plays a significant role as you are more likely to get sun spots if someone in your family has them. As melanin production increases as we age, every adult aged 40 or above is prone to getting sun spots and so are young people who spend too much time exposed to the sun.
Sunspots can vary in color and shape but are usually dark in and they appear on the parts of the body that are exposed to the sun the most. Their size changes over time and they become larger and convert into unattractive splotches which cause many people to lose self-confidence. The majority of people aged over 60 develop these spots, although only a small number of them consults a professional to consider age spot treatments.
How Can Sunspots Be Treated?
Age spots are one of the greatest concerns among women regarding aging, besides wrinkles. Fortunately, this skin issue can be treated. While prevention is the best treatment for sun spots, once they do appear different methods are necessary to address the problem.There are a variety of specific products and procedures for treating liver spots, and your dermatologist will advise you on the best solution for you. You can consider the following treatments for age spots:
Prescription Creams
Chemical Peels
Intense Pulse Light (IPL)
Non-Ablative Laser
Fractional Carbon Dioxide CO2 Lasers

Prescription Creams
Prescription skin bleaching creams can be a great option for treating sun spots, and a variety of products are available. Most creams contain hydroquinone as the main ingredient and with regular daily use, sun spots eventually fade. These creams must be applied together with proper sun protection lotions while avoiding sun exposure as much as possible. This option is ideal for people with light sunspots. Prescription creams an affordable option for treating sun spots. However, there are a few disadvantages to using prescription skin creams:
Hydroquinone has carcinogenic properties
Possible side-effects such a sensitivity to sunlight
Possible skin irritation, hyperpigmentation, itching, dryness, redness, and thickening of the skin
This procedure surgically planes the outer layer of skin using proper tools. Microdermabrasion is an effective way for treating sun spots which also smoothes fine lines and wrinkles, and stimulates the production of collagen. Usually, several treatments are necessary for the best results and the procedure requires no downtime. Pain and swelling are usually minimal during this procedure and you can notice the improvement immediately. The procedure is ideal for someone looking for non-invasive treatments. After microdermabrasion procedure, the new skin is expected after 5-8 days. Disadvantages of this procedure include:
Redness or irritation
Multiple treatments are required for the best results
Costly treatments
It may not be effective for everyone

Cryosurgery is not only used for treating sun spots but it’s an effective method for treating abnormal tissues such as keloids and tumors. During this procedure, targeted areas are frozen using a liquid nitrogen which causes the skin to darken and peel away gradually. This procedure can safely be applied on all parts of the body and it is suitable for everyone with sun spots.
This procedure causes minimal discomfort and is usually completed very quickly. Disadvantages of cryosurgery for treating sun spots include:
The procedure may leave permanent scars
Redness and swelling may occur
Possible hair loss
Skin may be lighter after the treatment

Chemical Peels
Chemical peels are a more invasive method of treating sun spots but it the procedure is effective and provides great results in a short period of time. Chemical peels involve applying a chemical solution which then removes the outer layer of the skin. The procedure usually includes a combination of chemicals such as alpha hydroxy acids or deep exfoliating agents (AHA). The peel is customized by your dermatologist who will determine the appropriate chemicals to use. This method can even irregular skin tone and stimulate collagen production. The results of chemical peels are immediately visible. Disadvantages of the procedure include:
Possible scarring
Temporary or permanent change of color
Acne or blocked pores
Reactivation of cold sores

Intense Pulse Light
IPL treatment uses a device which emits a range of lightwaves targeted to reduce melanin pigments in sun spots. It resurfaces photo-damaged skin and gradually removes sun-damaged layers of skin. Usually, several treatments are necessary to see the best results and the procedure cause minimal discomfort.
The procedure gives you a smooth skin and a more even tone while also decreasing age spots. IPL stimulates the production of collagen and it can be applied on all parts of the body. The treatment is ideal for individuals aged 30-50. Disadvantages of the procedure include:
A series of treatments is needed to see the full results
Crusting of age spots can occur
The procedure can result in burns

Non-Abrasive Laser 
Non-ablative laser treatment is a popular method for treating sun spots. It resurfaces parts of skin but without a long recovery period. The procedure causes minimal discomfort and it is ideal for targeting sunspots but also improving skin laxity. Usually, patients do not feel pain while the laser is administered and several treatments are necessary for the best results. The treatment may be applied to any part of the body leaving the skin brighter and fresher. Disadvantages of this treatment include:
Some darkening or lightening of the skin is possible after procedure
Several treatments at three weeks interval are needed for the best results

C02 Lasers 
This procedure represents the latest advances in liver spots treatment. Fractional or pixilated CO2 lasers can treat severe skin damage and age spots by penetrating the deeper layers of skin. Sun-damaged areas are replaced by new skin providing a great result. However, this treatment requires longer downtime as the light from the laser penetrates deeper layers of the epidermis. This is an effective method for treating severe sun spots while also improving your skin’s tone and texture. Disadvantages of the procedure include:
Longer downtime as skin ma peel for up to 7 days
You need to take longer time off to heal
Swelling usually lasts for a week
Small chances of scarring

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