New Training: Configuring Junos Devices

This 37-video entry-level training by Knox Hutchinson, SPOTO trainer, covers the knowledge network administrators must have to identify and manage the key elements of Junos device configuration across a network.
This is the new Juniper training.
Configuring Junos devices is an essential skill for Juniper network workers. This Configuring Junos Devices training not only covers the theory but also tests your abilities.
Junos operating systems are used to power networks. Companies and organizations need someone who can do more than unbox devices and turn them on. While many of the pre-configured configurations work well, it is important to know how to make the most of your network. This training will teach you how to configure specific devices and the broad network-wide configuration basics that will allow you to access the network using fine-tuned tools.
This series consists of four parts. It covers topics like recognizing Junos’ factory default states and initial configurations, setting up user accounts, login classes, and choosing and configuring authentication methods.
You can watch a video from the series here:

This series includes the following skills:
Create a Junos Base Configuration
Configure Junos Interfaces
Understanding Junos Configuration Datastores
Operate and maintain a Junos device

This training covers the following topics:
Extensive Show Interfaces Output
Introducing Junos Interfaces
Other commit mechanisms
Naming Conventions and Interface Configuration
Summarizing Junos Maintenance

This training includes:
Training for 3 hours
37 videos

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