New Course: Cisco CCNA 640-875 SPNGN1

Are you interested in becoming a Cisco Cisco CCNA service provider This new training course by SPOTO is “Cisco CCNA 640-875 SPPNGN1”.
Jeremy Cioara teaches a 34-video course on networking topics, including routing, service provider network architecture, and device management.
Here’s a complete list of videos included in the course:
Welcome to SPNGN1: Cisco Certification & Getting the Most from This Series
IP Networks: Understanding the Service Provider Network Architecture
IP Networks: Key Network Devices
IP Networks: The Fantastic OSI Models and TCP/IP Models
IP Networks: Connections and Diagrams.
IP Addressing: The Key To IPv4 and IPv6 Addressing
IP Addressing: Simple Subnetting – Finding Networks
IP Addressing: Simple Subnetting – Finding Hosts
IP Addressing: Variable Length Subnet Masks (VLSM)
IP Addressing: Test Tools and Configuration of Server and Host IPs
Switching: Welcome to Ethernet World
Switching: Working with Cisco IOS
Switching: Base Switch Configuration
Switching: Spanning Tree and Flex Links
Routing: Was Cisco the Inventor of the Router? (and other routing mysteries).
Routing: Base Configuration IOS to IOSXR
Routing: Implementing static routing
Routing: RIP is still around!
Routing: EIGRP Concepts
Routing: EIGRP IPv4 Configuration
Routing: EIGRP IPv6 Configuration
Routing: Advanced Routing Concepts
IP Services: NAT Concepts
IP Services: NAT Configuration
IP Services: DHCP IPv4/IPv6
IP Services: ICMPv4,ICMPv6 and DNS
SP Transport: Service Provider Optics
SP Transport: Service Provider “Last Mile”.
Security: Service Provider Security Foundations
Security: Security with AAA
Device Management: SNMP and IP SLA.
Device Management: Syslog, NTP, and SPAN
Device Management: Managing IOS Software Configuration Files
Cisco Helps with Device Management
This course prepares students to take the SPNGN1 640-875 exam. Passing this exam will allow you to earn CCNA Service Provider certification.
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