New Course: Certified Associate Python Programming (PCAP).

This 81-video entry-level training by Ben Finkel, SPOTO trainer, covers the knowledge new Python developers need in back-end, software, and data science at an associate-level.
This is a new Python training video.
Python is one the most simple and accessible programming languages available today. It’s difficult to imagine a developer not benefiting from it. The language is used by web developers all the time. It can be found on almost every server in the world, and it always appears to be on embedded devices.
Data scientists and researchers depend on the hundreds upon scientific libraries to help them with their work. Python’s simplicity and scalability are a big plus for developers working in tech startups. This allows them to build simple solutions that can be scaled up as the company grows. No matter what level of development you are at, learning Python will help you either advance your career or get you started.
This seven-part series covers topics like recognizing basic concepts in Python: indenting and compilation, operators and expressions, coding using the Python language to complete basic programming tasks, and incorporating conditional executable, loops and Python syntax and semantics into code.
You can watch a video from the series here:

This series includes the following skills:
Introduction to Programming and Python
Python Variables & Data Types
Introduction to the Python Language
Python Operators
Python Basic Input and Python Basic Output
Python Conditionals and Loops
Understanding Python Strings

This training covers the following topics:
Understanding Python Strings
Casting Data Types
Formatting Text Output
Encoding strings with ASCII, Unicode and UTF-8
Escape Characters for Strings

This training includes:
12 hours of training
81 videos

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