New Course: CCNP Data Center (300 -610 DCID).

This intermediate training video, 492-video, by Jeff Kish, covers the knowledge network engineers must have to design a data centre that meets network, compute and storage network requirements. It also includes excellent design principles.
This new Cisco Data Center training is available.
Network engineers who have had to work in a poorly planned or outdated data center for any length of time have often wished they could build their own data center. This training ensures that you are prepared once you find yourself in that situation.
Although not every network engineer is able to design data centers without externalities, this 300-610 DCID training prepares them for any limitation. This course will teach you how to create great data centers and how to implement them.
This 75-part series covers topics like optimizing mobility on Layer 2 and Layer 3, planning device and routing virtualization to a data center, and implementing interconnectivity and redundancy at the data center.
You can watch a video from the series here:

This series includes the following skills:
Identify Data Center Principles
Describe Data Center Networking
Describe Data Center Solutions
Evaluate Data Center L2 Connectivity
Describe Redundancy, High Availability
Bundling of Describe Data Centre Link
Explain Spanning-Tree Protocol
VXLAN and EVPN explained
Design STP in Data Center
Virtual Port-Channels:

This training covers the following topics:
Review and Quiz
Virtual Device Contexts
Data Center L3 Network Design
DCI WAN Technologies

This training includes:
Training for 63 hours
492 videos

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