Microsoft Dynamics 365 Offers 7 Powerful Products and Features

Microsoft Dynamics 365, a cloud-based software solution, integrates with both enterprise resource planning and customer relationship management (CRM). This provides businesses with a single solution that allows them to effectively manage all aspects of their operations. The cloud-enabled Dynamics version includes many amazing applications and features that will simplify the user experience.
MicrosoftDynamics 365 – New Features
Field Service
Field Service, a subset of Dynamics CRM is used to perform all key CRM functions like dispatching and service activities. This allows the user manage customer requirements efficiently.
Sales, another subset of CRM allows for efficient automation of sales processes to gain insights and increase productivity and revenue. All sales processes can easily be managed using functionalities such as orders, products, and quotes. This allows for cost-effective management.
Customer Service
It is an important subcategory within Dynamics CRM and allows users to provide quality customer service at all time. This tool allows businesses to leverage its agile functionality to empower customer service agents.
Financials, which is a simplified version of Dynamics NAV, is a vital tool for Dynamics users. It simplifies the ordering, selling, reporting, and invoicing process for businesses.
Dynamics AX is the Operations business application. It unifies all functionalities of operational management such as finance, human resource, and warehouse management for a seamless, efficient process.
Project Service Automation
It is a subset of CRM and provides a single system for engagement for project-based businesses. Users can manage their entire sales process, including resourcing, delivery and billing.
Business Intelligence
Dynamics 365 comes with Cortana Intelligence, Power BI and native integrations. These tools will provide businesses with actionable insights, advice, and predictive insights to help them achieve their business goals. Enterprises can also benefit from Azure IoT’s real-time insights, advanced intelligence capabilities, and better business decisions.
Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides the power and capability to ensure efficient resource and asset management. This is a powerful tool that can be used to improve efficiency and effectiveness for businesses. NetCom Learning offers Microsoft Dynamics 365 training. This will help you to implement the cloud-based ERP/CRM solution in your company and improve your skills in the MicrosoftAzure based platform. You will be guided by certified trainers through the new capabilities and features of Dynamics 365. The course includes hands-on MS Dynamics 365 exercises. This will prepare you for the certification that will help you grow your career in this area.

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