Mens Face-Lift Procedure

What’s a Face-Lift For Men?

Face-lift is a procedure to remove or decrease skin that is no longer naturally elastic. Many decide to go for this procedure when they have wrinkles, lines, spots, loose skin, or other visible signs of aging. The technical term for a face-lift procedure is rhytidectomy. It is usually performed around the mount and jawline and around the eyes. It reduces the wrinkles and the lines, smoothens the skin, and gives off a fresh and rejuvenated look.

There are many benefits of getting face-lift surgery done in Beverly Hills. It results in increased self-esteem and gives a boost to one’s self-confidence. It can make the person look aesthetically younger and better. More and more men have started to give serious consideration to their face and look. There is about 42% of an increase in men treating their aging signs with cosmetic surgery when compared to the trend half a decade ago.

Neck lifts and face-lifts are believed to be among the best cosmetic surgery procedures available to reduce the visible signs of aging. There is a common notion that women are more interested in such procedures while the truth is that men are beginning to take care of their look and body just as much as women. Thanks to the advanced technology available in the market today, the recovery time is minimal while the scars are practically invisible.

There are several types of face-lift surgeries available, such as the traditional face-lift, minimal-access cranial suspension or MACS, and keyhole surgery. In a traditional facelift procedure, a small surgical cut is done in your hairline where the lifted skin is stitched back. MACS have shorter surgical cuts and these cuts are made in front of the ears and on the temples. Men can choose from any one of the procedures after consulting their Beverly Hills surgeon. The surgeon will also recommend the best procedure after a small examination.