Meet the Most Important AWS Services

It’s easy to get lost in the endless stream of new features and services that AWS adds to its products every month, especially if you’re studying for the AWS SysOps Administrator exam.
Anthony Sequeira takes you through the AWS products every admin should know. He also shares some tips and tricks to get started on AWS. He will also help you identify the services that you need to know in order to pass the AWS SysOps administrator exam.
AWS SysOps Administrator is a moderately difficult exam. This is due to the wide range of services it covers. Anthony shares his top tips for studying for this certification exam from Amazon Web Services.
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0:28- All you need to know about SPOTO AWS SysOps Administration course2:30 – Time to meet the most common AWS services5;18 – Virtual Private Cloud (VPC),6:30 EC2: The server side of AWS9,26 – S3 Cloud Storage Dashboard11:19 Public cloud security12.25 – Two types AWS load balancing13.31 – Monitoring your AWS environment
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About the Presenter
Anthony Sequeira, SPOTO trainer, recently completed the AWS SysOps Administration course. This adds to a long list top-rated networking courses. Anthony is a SPOTO trainer from 2012 and holds a number of Juniper Cisco, Microsoft, and AWS certifications. This includes a CCIE for Routing and Switching.
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