MCT Summit Stockholm – 2011.

MCT Summit
MCT Summit (MCT stands for Microsoft Certified Trainer) offers MCTs from all over the country an opportunity to meet, learn new technologies, and grow as presenters and instructors through many professional development classes and presentations.
I was able to present 2 sessions this year for my MCT peers.
It was great to meet the MCT’s in Stockholm. I also appreciate the amazing feedback from my peers. We can only hope that our Security community will grow with their support. As I always say, WE ARE BETTER COMMUNITY.
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Microsoft Certified Trainer
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Microsoft Certified Trainers (MCTs), are the most respected technical and instructional experts in Microsoft technologies. Join this exclusive group to receive MCT training certifications and membership.
As an MCT, you will enjoy exclusive benefits such as access to the entire Microsoft training and certification product library, significant discounts on books and exams, and other Microsoft products. You will also be able to access Microsoft readiness resources that will help you improve your training career, and connect with other MCT members via an online forum. You will also be invited to exclusive Microsoft and MCT community events.
You must earn a Microsoft Certification to become a Microsoft Certified Trainer. This certification validates your knowledge and experience in using Microsoft products and solutions for each course that you deliver.
Microsoft Certified Trainer is an annual membership program. To renew your Microsoft Certified Trainer certification, you must complete the online application and pay an annual fee.
Program Benefits
You will be able to access a personalized dashboard as a Microsoft Certified Trainer. Here you can find many useful MCT resources, download an MCT certificate, and see discounts that are available to you!
You will also have access to MCT Central which allows MCTs to keep up-to-date with the latest news, find jobs and connect with other MCTs around world.
Take a look at all the benefits MCTs offer.
What are the requirements to become a MCT?
The MCT program is open to educators who are passionate about delivering training on Microsoft technologies. We encourage you to apply if you have a qualifying certification and are passionate about teaching Microsoft technologies.
For more information on MCT program requirements, please refer to the MCT Program Guide or MCT Program Agreement in this Application process section.
Entry requirements for the MCT program


Notification: To renew your MCT status you must meet the renewal requirements for MCT programs by your anniversary date.
Requirements for renewing your MCT status
Notice: The renewal requirements can change.
Current Microsoft Certifications or qualifications are eligible for the MCT Program

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Microsoft Certifications
Note: Microsoft certifications and qualifications that are eligible for the MCT Program are subject to change. Once they are released, all new role-based certifications will be eligible for the MCT Program. Retired certifications will be eligible for MCT Program up to six months after their retirement date. Learn more about retiring certifications at Certification Retirement.
Application process
To learn more about the MCT Program Agreement and the MCT Program Guide, click here.
The MCT enrollment tool allows you to submit your online application. Log in to the MCT enrollment portal with your Microsoft account and your Microsoft Certification ID (MCID).
If you are a Microsoft Office Specialist but do not have a Microsoft Certification ID, you can apply for one.