Is There a Surgery For Migraines?

Migraine Surgery – 

The aim of migraine surgery in Beverly Hills is to combat pain and eliminate a headache which occurs off and on. It occurs because of the irritation and the pressure on the sensory nerves and vessels near the head. After the surgery, the pain gets decreased and you may not feel a headache. The nerve, where compression takes place, is often the trigger point. Depending on the symptoms, there can be more than one trigger point. The common trigger points are the front of the eyes, forehead, pain in the temples, pain inside the nostrils known as rhinogenic, or pain in the back head which goes over to the eyes and the skull known as occipital.

When the surgical operation is done to decompress the peripheral area of the nerves, you’ll feel the beneficial effect of the surgery. The frequency and the duration of the migraine headaches will reduce drastically. It is done as an outpatient procedure and general anesthesia is given. It takes about two hours. Those having multiple migraine trigger points at different locations of the body may have to undergo a longer surgical procedure.

The success rate is about 70% with about one-third of patients getting total relief from their migraine. They often report back and tell the improvement in respect of the duration of pain, their frequency, and the intensity. Not all headaches are related to migraines. Only your neurologist will be able to clarify the nature of a headache. Patients who are ok with Botox or local anesthetic injections are good for migraine surgery.

Migraine treatment of the eyes can improve the forehead by reducing the wrinkles and improving the sagging eyes. The risk of complication is wound healing, nerve injuries, and bleeding. Recovery time is about two weeks and the patient can indulge in their regular activities afterward.