Interview with Vadim Katzcherovski

I reviewed Easy Projects.NET earlier this month, a project management program from Logic Software. There is a growing trend in project management tools. More companies are turning to web-based tools for collaborative working. Easy Projects.NET is available in 27 countries and has clients such as Philips and Heinz. It was interesting to me that Logic created the software to meet their internal needs, then decided it was good enough for them to spin off and sell to others.
Vadim Katcherovski was my interviewer.
What direction do you see project management technology going?
We believe that project management software’s focus will shift away from data to more people. Easy Projects.NET believes that the future of project management software will be in a collaborative environment where multiple people can not only see and hear each others but also share, visualize, and manipulate the context. If one person changes the schedule, everyone sees it immediately and can make their own changes.
The ideal tool of tomorrow will enhance team communication by providing information tailored to each stakeholder’s cultural context. A person in Spain may see the same information as his counterpart in India. However, the information will be presented in a different way to ensure that each user understands it quickly.
Why is collaboration so important in projects today?
Globalization and outsourcing are the two most popular buzzwords. Remote teams are becoming more popular in companies. These teams often work from different time zones, countries, or continents. Many companies have learned the hard way that success in a project is not only dependent on its cost but also on the people and processes involved. Without effective collaboration, no project is possible to succeed.
It is crucial that project management tools provide multi-cultural teams with a way to communicate, share files and track progress.
What makes Easy Projects.NET stand out from other software tools for project managers and project managers?
Easy Projects.NET will stand out in the market if we focus our efforts on these principles, according to us:
Focus on the users. Most people who use project management software aren’t PMI-certified project managers. It is therefore crucial to make it easy for them to use.

Ease of useEasy Projects.NET was designed to make project management simple and easy. There are no complicated setups or bells and whistles, so there is no need to worry about complex setups. EP.NET’s intuitive interface is so simple that you can set up your project management in no time.

All-in-OneEP.NET features include project management as well as time, issue, request tracking. We believe our customers shouldn’t have to learn how to use each function separately. So we combined all of the features under one umbrella.

FlexibilityThe customer or the main stakeholder in a project should always have the option to choose! Customers have the option to run EP.NET in-house (licensed) or use our hosted SaaS service. Customers can customize the product with the help of the source code package. Our API is the best solution for customers who need to integrate with third-party tools or add-ons.

Customer supportUnlike other products, customers can talk to live people. Support is not limited to the phone. We also offer e-mail and instant messaging as well as remote access support.

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