Important importance of CCNA certification

What is CCNA Certification?
CCNA stands to be Cisco certified network associate. This is a category for technical certification offered by Cisco to networking professionals. The CCNA certification is intended to enhance, improve and evaluate an individual’s networking knowledge. The certification validates the holder’s ability to install, secure and operate enterprise networks. Cisco CCNA certification gives professionals a deep understanding of networking concepts. It allows networking professionals to keep current with their knowledge and skills. The credential will increase the number of job opportunities in the network domain. It will allow the holder to advance his career and open up new opportunities for him with higher salaries.

Benefits of CCNA Certification
You will also gain a CCNA certification. This will allow you to expand your knowledge in Cisco Networking that you can apply in your career. You will be able to understand the basics of networking when you are CCNA certified. CCNA certification can open doors to new opportunities in your career. You can negotiate a higher salary and raise your chances of being hired than other IT professionals applying for the same job. The networking industry is growing. SDN (Software-defined Networking) and cloud are two examples of new technologies. These technologies are changing the networking industry and creating new job roles. CCNA certification is a great fit for the new IT job roles.
CCNA Certification is a certification that allows you to do job-roles in the field of CCNA.
You can apply for a variety of job roles with CCNA certification such as Information Technology Director, Information Technology Manager, Information Tech Director, Systems Engineers, Network Administrators, System Administrators, Senior System Engineers, Cyber Security Engineers, Senior Systems Engineers, Information Technology Specialist, and many more.
The top ten most lucrative cities in the United States for CCNA-certified professionals
We all know that CCNA certification is the best for your IT career. This certification allows you to work in the United States and maximizes your salary. Below is a list with some of the top cities for CCNA-certified professionals.
San Jose: $94,000
Washington D.C. $76,000
New York City: $75,000
Chicago: $72,000
Houston: $72,000
Dallas: $71,000
Atlanta: $68,000
Who should be awarded the CCNA?
You don’t need to pass any previous exams to become CCNA-certified. However, it is recommended that you have a basic understanding about networking before beginning the CCNA certification training. To enhance your skills and knowledge, CCNA certification training is recommended for those with some IT experience.
What topics are included in CCNA Certifications?
The CCNA Certification covers a variety of exciting topics that are essential for networking professionals. This Cisco certification explains fundamentals of networking, IP connectivity. It includes components of the routing table, IPv4 static routing, IPv6 static routing, and different IP services (DHCP DNS, SNMP FTP, etc. Security fundamentals, Automation and programmability.

Is CCNA certification worth it?
The CCNA certification is a highly sought-after certification that can help you grow your professional career. CCNA focuses primarily on the monitoring, management and maintenance of the network foundation. It covers fundamental concepts of networking and the operation of devices such as repeaters, repeaters, switches, routers, and repeaters. The certification also covers the most advanced network technologies, such as automation and programmability. CCNA-certified professionals are able to manage and install the entire network for an organization.
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