How to leverage Accountability Coaching

SPOTO offers Accountability Coaching for learners who need that extra push to reach their training goals. Our coaches work with managers and learners to help them develop the skills they need to create a training program that will last. These five steps will help you get the most out of your training experience with Accountability Coaching.
1. Register for coaching

Choose Accountability Coaching from the drop down navigation options.
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Start training
To get started with your Accountability coach, please complete the form. After you submit the form, a coach will contact you.

2. To maximize the effectiveness of our coaching service, you must start with the end. Consider what you want from your SPOTO subscription. Your coach should be able to discuss your training goals. If you are a coach or team leader working with coaches to create a training program for your team, think about what you want each member to do. Pro tip: Write down the goals for each member of your team! Writing down your goals will help you to keep the training experience focused and allow you to make adjustments if necessary.
3. Be realistic. It can be tempting to set high goals and not realize the limitations of your abilities. Be realistic about your goals and the steps required to reach them. You can count on our coaches to help you find the right path to achieve your goals. They will also provide feedback. But if you start with realistic goals, you will be well on your way to success.
4. Celebrate your success! Your coaches will likely ask you about it along your training journey. But be intentional about celebrating your achievements! You can set milestones throughout your training journey (e.g., a certain score on a practice exam or a consistent training hour per day). Celebrate those achievements! To help maintain momentum in training, as a manager, recognize milestones achieved by your staff!
5. Discuss your training experience with your coach. You need to think critically about what makes training successful and what obstacles you are facing. Your coaches will work hard to prepare you for success. So, take advantage of their expertise and knowledge!
Get in touch with our Accountability Coaching team to find out how we can help you create the training structure that you need to achieve all that you can with your SPOTO Subscription!
Are you not a SPOTO subscriber yet? Start your week-long free trial to get started with Accountability Coaching.
Are you not a SPOTO subscriber yet? Start your week-long free trial now.
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