Great Day for Collaboration

For those of you who’ve been looking to, this is going to be a great day. ActiveCollab 5.15.0 has the Reactions feature. We’re bringing you a new way for your day to communicate more expressively and engage with others. Most of the time, you only need to give feedback on a proposal or give a thumbs-up to a great idea that a teammate posted. Imagine your entire team voting yes or not on a new design idea. This is a lot of comments and a long discussion thread. ActiveCollab doesn’t allow for this type of discussions. We understand. But with our new Reactions, and the efficiency they’re bringing to the table, you are now a step closer to keeping all important communication under one roof.You’ll be able to choose one of the Reactions (or more if you’re feeling like it) and your teammates will receive a notification in their Updates section.Hooray, your comment just received a couple of party poppers!Additionally, you can check who took part in the celebration by hovering over the Reactions. The tooltip lists people chronologicallyActiveCollab Reactions can be used for a couple of handy things, other than the ones that were mentioned. We’ll be writing more on that in the coming weeks.