Global Knowledge This webinar begins with a general introduction to Microsoft SQL Server editions and versions. Next, we will highlight several scalability capabilities of SQL Server. Next, we’ll be looking at the High Availability options of SQL Server. We will also be looking at Azure SQL deployments and availability solutions. Slide deck

Graeme Purves Instructor – Microsoft

Graeme has been a Technical Instructor with IBM and Global Knowledge since more than 20 years. He is certified in a wide range of technologies and platforms, including Windows Server NT4 through 2016, SQL Server 6.5 and 2016, and Netware 3.2 trough 6.5. He is also a SUSE Linux, Netware 3.2 trough 6.5 and CIW Security analyst. This webinar will cover: Introduction to Microsoft SQL Server. What’s new in Microsoft SQL Server Scalability Performance high Availability Azure Options Courses. Certification Related Courses: Implementing a SQL Data Warehouse (M20767).Provisioning SQL Databases. (M20765). Developing SQL Data Models. (M20762).