Gender Confirmation Surgery

About Gender Confirmation Surgery in Beverly Hills

If a transgender or a non-conforming gender wants to go in for a surgery, there are plenty of experienced Beverly Hills plastic surgeons that can perform the operation. They can help give you the physical appearance along with the  functional abilities per your desire. The following are some of the procedures for transwomen (MTF) and transmen (FTM).

  • Facial Feminization Surgery transforms the masculine characteristics of the face to a feminine appearance.
  • Transfeminine Top Surgery enhances the size and shape of the breasts and makes it appear more feminine.
  • Transfeminine Bottom Surgery transforms the male genitals into that of a female through surgery.
  • Facial Masculinization Surgery reconstructs the feminine features of the face to make it appear masculine.

Transmasculine Top Surgery is the removal of the breast tissue from both breasts and gives it a masculine look. Transmasculine Bottom Surgery is the transformation of the female genitalia to that of a male. It is a multiple stage surgery. Transgender Women (Male to Female Surgery) transform male to female. Some insurance companies cover the surgeries like clitoroplasty, Orchiectomy, Labiaplasty etc. Insurance coverage is mainly for genitals surgery. Any other area like breast augmentation or facial appearance is not covered.

Transgender Men (Female to Male Surgery) is the transformation from female to male. Top surgery or a bilateral mastectomy is quite common. The United Healthcare covers the insurance for Hysterectomy, Metoidioplasty, Penile prosthesis etc. Due to the growth of technology, there are many ways in which transformation can be done. Many transgenders go in for surgery in Beverly Hills with the basic idea to help them get peace within themselves.

Hormone Replacement Therapy involves a procedure where the testosterone is given to the transgender men and estrogen is given to transgender women. Gender Confirmation Surgery can be done after he/she identify’s with their gender for 12+ months. After they get a certificate, they can go in search of Beverly Hills plastic surgeons and set appointments for the surgery.