Do You Need Scar Revision Surgery?

Scar Revision Procedure – 

Scar revision is done to remove scars so that it’s not so visible to the eye. Many times, scars appear as the result of a surgery and become quite visible after the wound has healed. It may appear due to the slow and poor healing of the wound. Even the wound that heals properly can still show up a scar.

The scar is easily seen if it is big, raised on the skin or depressed. If it’s of a different color from its skin surrounding, it is more noticeable. To remove the scar, different options are available. This depends on the type and the size of the scar.

Scar revision surgery in Beverly Hills helps erase scars and gives the skin a good cosmetic look. However, it cannot be eliminated totally. There are many types of scars that are covered in scar revision surgery. Discoloration of the skin and even superficial and subtle scars can be cosmetically improved by scar revision or any other type of treatment which your Beverly Hills plastic surgeon may suggest.

The scars mentioned above don’t create any discomfort for the person. There are also hypertrophic scars which are a thick bunch of scars that develop at the wound site. It is often raised and red. Over a period of time, it may get large. They may be dark or light in their color.

Keloids are much bigger than the hypertrophic scars and can be painful and itchy. They spread to the nearby areas of the wound or incision. It can occur on any part of the body. They generally show up where there are fatty tissues, such as in the face, neck, ears, and the chest. Contracture is also in the nature of the scar where the movements are restricted because of the skin tissues that come together while healing. It usually occurs where there is a loss of tissues like burns.