Hand Surgery

Information About Hand Surgery in Beverly Hills 

Hand surgery in Beverly Hills helps remove the pain that affects the functioning and flexibility of the wrist and fingers. Surgery helps regain the lost strength and corrects the defects present from birth. A condition known as the Capital tunnel syndrome is caused by the pressure put on the median nerve inside the wrist. The patient feels a tingling sensation, numbness, and weakness. Rheumatoid arthritis is caused due to the inflammation of the joints and hand. It can deform fingers and can bring pain and restrict the movement of the hand.

When the thickness of the scar-like tissue is formed within the palm and spreads to the fingers, the symptom is known as Dupuytren contracture. It can restrict the movement of the fingers. When you have the symptoms and you need to go in for hand surgery, it is advisable to go to a good Beverly Hills surgeon and follow their advice strictly.

It takes time for recovery and you may have to rest for several weeks or months. Keep the furniture at your home in such a position that it is easy and comfortable to sit down and rest. Keep things that are needed within your reach. Also, label things that are heavy so that it reminds you of its weight. You should prepare your meals before the surgery so that later on you can just reheat it. Avoid the use of glasses or ceramic utensils.

Keep a stock of straws to help you after the surgery so that you can sip and not lift the cups. Also, keep plastic bags ready along with bandages. Keep your hand dry and use plastic bags while you take a shower.

Recovery time will be about 12 weeks depending on the severity. Stress surgery can take about 14 weeks to heal. Generally, the hand surgery will cause pain and discomfort which can be minimized with appropriate medication. If the surgery is minor, over-the-counter pills may help reduce the pain.