Cleft Lip and Palate Repair

Cleft Lip and Palate Repair Surgery 

Restoration of the lips and mouth to make it appear normal is done through cleft lip and cleft palate repair. Both these abnormalities are generally observed in North America and elsewhere in the world. These defects can happen either singly or both defects can occur simultaneously. Surgery is required to repair the cleft lip and cleft palate.

Sometimes, these defects occur right at the fetal stage and the normal growth is affected. In some cases, a syndrome may be the reason for the cleft lip, or it may be the result of a complex interaction of genetic factors. The aim of the surgery is to restore the cleft lip and cleft mouth and to restore the normal function and the appearance. The surgery in Beverly Hills helps the affected child to eat, speak, and breathe properly.

An early involvement of specialists can help improve the defect. A team of Beverly Hills doctors can suggest ways and a means to fix this defect at an early stage. Pediatric dentist in Beverly Hills among other specialists can repair these defects easily. The surgery not only helps the child regain normality but also improves his appearance. It closes the cleft, but it may result in scar near the upper lip. It also may affect the shape of the nose and further procedures may be needed to restore the nasal alignment and nostril shape.

The repair of the cleft in a child is generally done when they are 2 to 6 months of age depending on their health. Cleft palate repair is done after repairing the cleft lip as a separate surgery when the child is between 9 to 18 months. This surgery will be postponed if other major ailments are to be treated first, such as a heart ailment.