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Breast Asymmetry Correction
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The majority of women have asymmetrical breasts. However, the difference in breast size can be more pronounced in some cases to the point of causing problems when finding a properly fitting bra, swimsuit, or a blouse. This problem can be fixed with breast asymmetry correction surgery which is designed to restore the natural balance to your beasts.
Best Candidates For Breast Asymmetry Correction Surgery
Many women have uneven breasts as one breast is often bigger than the other. Sometimes the difference in size and shape can be very dramatic so that women with asymmetrical breasts often face difficulties finding a properly fitting bra or even a blouse or a dress. Being unable to find clothes that fit can further affect their self-confidence and even affect sexual function. Breast asymmetry correction surgery can fix this problem and make your breasts look even.
Besides the difference in size, asymmetry of breasts can also mean that you have uneven nipple position and different breast shapes. Many women often wear padding for better support or change the way they dress to make the difference less visible. If you are experiencing such difficulties then you might be a good candidate for a breast asymmetry correction surgery.
It is important to turn to a board-certified surgeon to perform the surgery in order to minimize the risks involved with the procedure. Your initial consultation with the surgeon is very important as he will explain what the procedure can do for you. It is relevant that you maintain realistic expectation regarding the procedure and to fully understand the surgery that is to be performed.
About The Procedure
Before the procedure is performed, your surgeon must determine how will the balance be restored. Depending on the situation, your surgeon will enlarge or reduce the size of your breasts, or he may even need to correcting and repositioning nipple position and size.
Risks associated with the procedure mainly depend on the type of procedure that is performed, and your surgeon should explain these to you during your initial consultation. Usually, breast surgery is associated with risks of scarring and the loss of sensation in the nipples. Sometimes a breast surgery can even affect your intention to breastfeed in the future.
What To Expect 
Recovery time depends on the type of procedure that is performed as well but usually, takes about six weeks to recover. Although the results of breast asymmetry correction surgery vary, you should be able to see positive results in terms of ore even breasts. It should be mentioned that in some cases, you may be required to undergo a second procedure for the best results.
Subfascial Breast Augmentation
Subfascial breast augmentation is a recent development which requires a shorter recovery period. The subfascial placement of breast implants has become very popular as it offers many of the advantages of both the submuscular and subglandular techniques of breast augmentation.
About Submuscular Breast Augmentation
Due to a very thin although a tough layer of tissue called fascia, every muscle in our bodies has a certain shape. The subfascial breast augmentation method employs this layer of tissue and uses it to protect the implant. In this way, muscle attachments are not removed from the ribs and the layer of tissue supports the implant.
This Brazilian technique avoids some of the most common disadvantages of other techniques for breast augmentation such as high, fake looking implants. It also prevents implant distortion which is why this technique is preferred by many surgeons.
There are many benefits of subfascial breast augmentation such as:
The implants are instantly placed into their correct positions
Creates a more natural slope to the breast
Has a lower rate or „rippling“
Causes less injury
Requires less downtime

If you are considering the subfascial breast augmentation, you should turn to a highly qualified surgeon with lots of experience in this area. Extensive experience in using the subfascial breast augmentation technique ensures that you get the best results so you should seek a highly reputable surgeon.
The subfascial breast augmentation surgery provides great results with minimal downtime. Usually, patients can return to work after several days of recovery. Many patients also return to their workout routine after 2 or 3 weeks after the surgery.
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