Boson Exam Environment Customization

First load an exam using BEE to take advantage of the customization possibilities. The Current Exam Settings screen will appear. Select the radio button to create a Custom Exam.
Next, click on the Modify Settings button.
You should see the options for all the following on the Exam Settings screen:
Randomize question order
Randomize the answer order
Timed exam
During exam, show current score
Indicate the number of correct answers
Answers and explanations available
If the answer is incorrect
When I select ‘Show Answer’
Allow smart mode (hides correct answers for a set number of questions)
Case Study Settings (if your exam contains case studies, click on this link to view the Case Study options).
Category and Keyword Settings (click this to see the options to choose questions from certain categories or questions with specific keywords)
If you don’t want to answer all the questions at once, you can adjust the number of questions you want to be asked on the Exam Settings screen. You can enter “___ of 100” as an example.
Click Done after changing any of the custom exam options.
Click Begin to begin your custom exam.
(The above information was obtained with the v2.0.7 version. It was the most recent version as of March 8, 2013.
I hope you find the above information useful in understanding some of the custom options available within the Boson Exam Environment.
You may also download and install our practice exam demos free of charge. To do so, just download and install the Boson Exam Environment from the following web page. you launch the installed Boson Exam Environment, you may select a demo from the Get Demos tab.