Book Review: 101 Project Management Problems and How To Solve Them

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AMACOM is known for producing excellent books. 101 Project Management Problems & How to Solve Them by Tom Kendrick is no exception. It is similar in concept to Project Management in the Real World in that it offers practical advice for dealing with real-world project problems.
It’s not something you should read from cover to cover. You can use the book to learn as much as you need to for your specific projects. The book is divided into sections that cover Initiation and Teamwork, Planning, Execution of Control, Tools, Closing, and Closing. You can jump to the appropriate section if you have project problems in any phase of a project.
Answering the question: It depends
People often ask “What are the best practices to manage schedule changes?” The answer is “it depends.”
Kendrick will answer this question in his answers to 101 questions about project management. He states that schedule changes are best when they are based on the project’s scale, priority and the reason for the change.
Each section aims to give you a practical solution to a problem. There are many tips in this section, such as “Your subject matter expertise is your greatest asset for building confidence in your team as a novice manager.”
You will also find some additional tips and advice in the introduction.
You should only escalate as a last resort. However, you should never hesitate to escalate when necessary. You will be treated the same way as they treat you, so treat them accordingly. Trust and good relationships will make it easier to solve any problem. You can even get by with a little help of your friends.
It’s all practical and useful. Although there isn’t much to it, it’s a great book to have if you need to be motivated to improve your self-confidence. ).
About the author
Kendrick is a consultant in project management and a former project manager for Visa Inc. He is also the author and editor of several other books on project management.