What is Otoplasty?

Otoplasty Procedure Otoplasty, more commonly known as ear surgery, is done when a person wishes to change or improve the position, structure or appearance of the ear. This surgery is most popular among those who may have birth deformities or suffered traumatizing injuries to the outer ear. For the most part, Otoplasty typically falls under the reconstructive rather than cosmetic category. Although, it is not...

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Facelift Surgery Process

Facelift Surgery Medically known as the rhytidectomy, the facelift procedure corrects signs of aging and gives you a youthful and more healthy look. More specifically, this procedure corrects sagging in the mid-face, deep creases along the nose as well as those below the lower eyelids, jowls, loose skin and excess fat under the chin and jawline. The procedure can be combined with the browlift procedure...

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