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A nose job, or rhinoplasty, is a surgical procedure designed to correct the shape and/or functionality of the nose. Rhinoplasty is often performed simply for aesthetic reasons, but a great number of people undergo this procedure for various other reasons. Rhinoplasty can correct the size, shape, and functionality of your nose while giving you a better-fitting nose that is proportionate to your face.
Best Candidates For a Beverly Hills Nose Job
You may consider getting a nose job for many reasons beyond cosmetic purposes. For example, people whose nose is not proportional to the rest of their face turn to this surgical procedure to correct the problem. Individuals with a bump on their nasal bridge often consider this procedure as well. Apart from this, you simply may not like your natural nose and it makes you unhappy, as is the case with many people. If you are experiencing some of these issues, then you may be a good candidate for a nose job. A great number of people experience troubles breathing which makes them good candidates for this procedure.
Rhinoplasty can fix all of the above-mentioned issues by giving your nose contour and balance and giving your face a drastically different look. When considering this possibility, you should find a highly qualified Beverly Hills surgeon to perform the procedure. It is best if you turn to a certified Beverly Hills plastic surgeon with extensive training and experience who has achieved great results in the past.
Preparing For a Nose Job
When it comes to rhinoplasty, such as with any other surgical procedure, your initial consultation is very important. Your doctor will discuss with you about the qualities of your nose and what to work on. You should express what you wish to achieve with this surgery and try to maintain realistic expectations.Your doctor will show you before and after photos, so you can see the results of his previous work. You should communicate all your concerns with your doctor regarding your rhinoplasty, and he will work to achieve your desired results.
The Procedure
Beverly Hills rhinoplasty procedures can be reductive and reconstructive. Reductive rhinoplasty is one of the two possible resizing techniques used in a nose job. It means reducing the size of your nose and giving you a better-fitted nose which is proportionate to the rest of your face. The overall size of the nose can be changed, or just a problematic area such as the tip or a hump.
The other resizing technique is called augmentation rhinoplasty, and it is a procedure designed to enlarge a nose that is too small. There are two main categories of rhinoplasty procedure:
Open Rhinoplasty: This type of procedure usually gives more drastic results, and the surgeon to make a precise incision along the columella which separates the nostrils. The skin can then be lifted while the underlying structure of the nose is exposed. The surgeon then reshapes the nose and corrects the size of it as well.
Closed Rhinoplasty: This procedure is often performed when a minor change is necessary. During the procedure, incisions are made inside the nose, and through these incisions, the surgeon then reshapes the nose.
It is necessary to take some time off to recover after rhinoplasty, just like with any other procedure. As the first week of your healing process is extremely important, you should be very attentive and protect your new nose. It is recommended that you take a week off work and restrain from any activities in order to recover. You will wear a cast on your nose and there will possibly be stitches, which your doctor will remove after a week. Most people feel well after a few days but remain at home until the cast is removed.
Keeping some cold compresses over your eyes and cheeks may help yours during the first two days. You can expect headaches and dull aching shortly after the surgery, although these do not usually last for a long time. Most patients do not experience any severe pain. Your doctor will prescribe you medication to receive the pain, but it should subside after a few days.
You will experience congestion due to the swelling in your nose, and this may last for several weeks until the swelling subsides. You may have problems sleeping as the congestion will bother you during the first couple of nights after the surgery. Your doctor may prescribe you some medication to help you with that. If you had problems breathing before the procedure, you will probably notice an immediate improvement right after the surgery as you will be able to breathe more easily.
Swelling and bruising are likely to be seen in the area surrounding your nose and on the cheeks as well, which can vary from patient to patient. Some experience moderate bruising and swelling while others practically don’t notice anything. This depends on the type of procedure performed as well as on your body.
Most of the swelling should be gone by two to three weeks after the procedure. Your doctor will give you detailed instructions on what to do or avoid doing after the procedure, and you should carefully follow his instructions during recovery. You can help speed up the healing process in several ways. For example, wearing button-up shirts will help as you won’t pull the fabric over your nose. You may also try to eat soft food and take baths instead of showering. You should try to avoid blowing your nose as much as possible, as well avoiding spicy and salty food. This may significantly help your healing process.
Just like with any other surgery, certain complications such as infections are possible although these are not very common. Your risk is minimized if the procedure is performed by a highly qualified plastic surgeon.
What To Expect
The rhinoplasty procedure does not leave any scars. It takes one to two weeks after the procedure to look presentable. However, if a revision procedure was performed, it may take longer than that to recover. Once you fully recover, you will be able to enjoy your new nose.
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