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Fat injection is also known as fat transfer or fat grafting, and it is a procedure designed to soften the lines of your skin to give you a fuller appearance. As our face gradually becomes more hollow, fat injections can restore its youthful look by inserting fat from your body to your face. As a result, you will get a rounder and fuller look.
The surgery has a long-lasting effect, depending on the patient and the lifestyle he or she leads. This is considered to be a more permanent alternative to fillers, which is another option to rejuvenate your face.
Before you make a decision, you should familiarize yourself with the basic steps of the procedure, and learn about the risks associated with it as well as the recovery time. Fat injections use fat from your own body, which makes the procedure safer than using fillers. However, the preparation time is also longer as fat tissue must go through a preparation process before it can be inserted in your face. Because the procedure uses fat from your body, chances for an allergic reaction are minimal.
How To Know If Fat Injection Is For You
If you are thinking about rejuvenating your face and you are seeking an alternative to fillers, then you may be a good candidate for fat injections. Smoking can heavily affect the changes in our skin as well as sun exposure and acne scarring. These factors can contribute to skin changes and cause deep wrinkles to appear. Fat injections can fix these and many other issues such as:
Acne scars
Sunken areas of lips and cheeks
Lines between the nose and mouth
Smile lines
Forehead wrinkles

If you are experiencing some or all of the above-mentioned signs of aging, then you can consider fat injections to get a fuller appearance. Prior to making a decision, you must be aware of what fat injections can do for you and your expectations must be realistic.
Patients of all ages can turn to fat grafting or fat injections to correct irregularities on their face or to reduce wrinkles. There is a slight advantage within younger patients though, as the healing process is usually shorter due to a smaller amount of fat being transferred to their face.
You should prepare yourself to pay a little extra and find a highly-qualified surgeon to perform the procedure so as to ensure that the desired results will be achieved. Make sure that you as your doctor regarding any concerns you may have about the surgery. Your preoperative consultation is crucial as you will discuss areas to be treated with your doctor, as well as postoperative care, your expectations, and the costs.
You should ask to see any photographic documentation of the previous work done by your plastic surgeon so that you can be certain that he is qualified.
The Procedure
The procedure is not a very simple one and it requires more time than fillers, for example. The procedure consists of several steps:
Harvesting: Your surgeon will select the best part of your body for a fat removal, usually the outer thighs. The fat is extracted by making a short incision. Almost any part of the body can be used for harvesting fat, but the abdomen is most likely the best choice as it is easily accessible. When fat is removed from your thighs, the incisions are more easily hidden.
Purification and transfer: Before the fat is inserted into your face, it must go through a process of purification and preparation, which removes any impurities and leaves the fat safe and ready for transfer.
Placement: Once the facial area where the fat will be injected is prepared, fat injection can begin. A needle is inserted into the area selected, and a line of fatty tissue is deposited. The process is repeated until the desired result is achieved.
It takes several weeks to recover and heal from the surgery. During the first several days, your face will be swollen and bruised, which is completely normal, therefore you will not be able to see people and go to work during that time. The swelling should disappear within the next two weeks so it is best if you can manage to take a few weeks off work in order to heal completely. You will get detailed instructions on how to take care of yourself after the procedure.
Your face will be less swollen after 7 to 10 days, but you will have to wait a little longer in order to see the full effects. Usually, 3 weeks after fat injections surgery, you will be able to see significant changes and improvement in the targeted areas. After three weeks, you will be able to enjoy your new look and a softer and fuller face.
A significant factor in the healing process is how much fat is inserted into your face. With smaller amounts of fat, usually with younger patients, the healing process is shorter, whereas with older patients it may take a while.
Mild exercise is recommended during the healing process, although you should avoid strenuous physical activity. Another important factor that can contribute to the healing process is your diet. A salty diet can lead to more swelling, while a healthy, balanced diet can significantly help you during the healing process.
It is possible that your wrinkles and lines around your mouth look even deeper than before the surgery, and this is perfectly normal and will go away soon. It can be hard for you to smile for a while, and the swelling may become worse over time. That too will disappear soon, and you will be able to see significant changes after three weeks.
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