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Beverly Hills Eyelid Surgery
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Eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty is a procedure designed to restore the youthfulness of your eyes. The surgery can refresh your appearance and help you get rid of sagging skin on your eyelids while reducing wrinkles and correcting other visible signs of aging. It is usually performed for cosmetic reasons, although an eyelid surgery can seriously improve a patient’s sight.
Eyelid surgery is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries as it rejuvenates the appearance of your eyelids and gives you a fresh look.
Loss of elasticity combined with gravity causes the appearance of excess skin on the upper and lower eyelids which further cause wrinkles. Eyelid surgery can help you get rid of these signs of aging. The results of the procedure can help boost your self-confidence while fixing a series of issues related to eyelid skin such as:
eliminate excess fat that causes puffiness
reducing wrinkles and removing excess skin
bags under the eyes
saggy skin in the upper eyelid

How To Know If Eyelid Surgery Is For You?
If you are a healthy person who is experiencing some or all of the above-mentioned issues then you may be a good candidate for eyelid surgery. Prior to making a decision, you should talk to a plastic surgeon and discuss the possibilities and your expectations. If you have a certain medical issue, this can greatly affect the healing process so eyelid surgery is not recommended.
You must be aware of what eyelid surgery can do for you. The procedure will not remove dark circles under your eyes. It will correct visible signs of aging on your eyes and restore their youthful appearance.
It should be noted that making the decision to undergo eyelid surgery is yours entirely and that you do it for yourself and not because you want to fit into any beauty standard.
Preparing For The Eyelid Procedure 
Choosing a qualified surgeon is essential for the success of the procedure and long-lasting effects, therefore you must invest some time in finding the right surgeon. It is highly recommended that you consider a certified plastic surgeon with a thorough knowledge of facial anatomy and extensive training. Ask to see before and after photos in order to see proof of his previous successful work and make sure that you are talking to a respectable surgeon.
Before you decide to undergo eyelid surgery, you should inform your doctor if you suffer from any of the following:
Thyroid disorders
Cardiovascular disease
Dry eye, glaucoma or another eye disease
High blood pressure

Generally, non-smokers are the best candidates for eyelid surgery who do not suffer from a serious eye condition. Eyelid surgery is typically performed on individuals with healthy muscles and facial tissue. Your lifestyle also contributes to the procedure as it may affect the healing process and how long will the effects last.
During your consultation, your doctor will inform you of the location where the surgery will be performed, recovery time, as well as the costs associated with the procedure. When performed by a certified plastic surgeon, the procedure is usually safe and the effects are long-lasting.
The Procedure
The procedure is usually performed under general anesthesia or local anesthesia with IV sedation. The surgery takes between 45 minutes to 2 hours and there is a number of different techniques applied in eyelid surgery.
Upper eyelid surgery: usually an incision is made in the natural crease of the eye through which an amount of excess skin is removed. The surrounding muscles can also be adjusted to achieve the desired results.
Lower eyelid surgery: the procedure is applied to reduce bags under the eyes in which the incision is usually made on the outer edge of the lower eyelid. Your doctor will then remove the fat through the incision to achieve a smooth contour. The lower eyelid muscle may be tightened to achieve better results.
It is very common that eyelid surgery is done in combination with other surgical procedures such as a brow lift or a facelift in order to achieve better results.
Eyelid Surgery Recovery
During the first week or two, you may experience bruising and swelling, which is perfectly normal. You will have to rest and postpone your regular activities for several days after the procedure and allow your eyes to recover. You may feel that your eyelids are tight or sore as well which is also usual.
You may feel ready to resume your regular activities or even travel after a week or so, but you should follow your surgeon’s instructions carefully and only resume with your activities and go back to work once your doctor says you can.
It is completely normal that your eyes will feel tired more often than before during the first several weeks after the surgery. It is necessary that you limit your time in front of the computer and that you protect your eyes from the sun as well as the wind. For this purpose, it is recommended that you wear dark glasses to cover your eyes and protect them.
In order to avoid sudden increases in blood pressure, you must avoid strenuous physical activity for several weeks after the surgery such as bending down or lifting.
What To Expect
You must be aware of the fact that eyelid surgery results are not permanent. If you take care of your skin well and you lad a healthy lifestyle, the results can last for years. However, the surgery cannot stop the aging process and so your ski above the eyelids will eventually become saggy again as you age.
In order to prolong the effects of eyelid surgery, you can quit smoking and wear sunscreen on a daily basis. With proper nutrition and skincare, your eyelid surgery effects can last for a long time and you can enjoy your refreshed, youthful look much longer.
Beverly Hills Eyelid Surgery
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