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Ethnic rhinoplasty is uniquely designed to meet the need of the patient regardless of who they are. As not all nasal surgeries are identical, and each patient has different contours as well as goals when it comes to the new shape of their nose, expertise in ethnic rhinoplasty is needed in order to give each patient exactly what they want.
Ethnic rhinoplasty can preserve the features of your nose maintaining its integrity, while also shaping it and significantly changing it. The term ethnic rhinoplasty has recently become popular, as there is a greater need to take the time and study the features and intricacies of a nose, rather than simply performing a standard rhinoplasty procedure.
What You Need To Know About Ethnic Rhinoplasty
The most common rhinoplasty performed is on individuals of Caucasian descent, which is why this rhinoplasty is considered to be the standard procedure even though we all have an ethnic background. For the purposes of rhinoplasty, ethnicity is defined so that ethnic rhinoplasty is performed on patients of Asia, African American, Hispanic, and Middle Eastern background. Due to the specific characteristics of their noses, a slightly different, more delicate approach is needed. There is also a limited number of changes that can be performed on the nose of an ethnic patient making it look unnatural.
The features of the rest of your face help determine what changes can be made to your nose so that the nose looks natural and proportionate to the rest of your face. That is why your goals when it comes to your new nose might not be very realistic. A nose from a celebrity who you admire can be indeed copied onto your face, but the result would not be satisfying as you would not look very natural. The nose has to be in accordance to the overall features of your face.
Choosing Your Beverly Hills Surgeon
Choosing your surgeon to perform the procedure is crucial as you must consider someone with expertise in ethnic rhinoplasty and lots of training and experience. A board certified surgeon is the best choice, but you might also want to consider a world-renowned surgeon famous for this type of rhinoplasty. This is essential if you want the best results possible.
During your initial consultation, your doctor will discuss with you your desired new shape and contours, as well as the possible solution. You should maintain realistic expectations regarding what the procedure can do for you. You will discuss the challenges the procedure may include and options available for you, so this meeting is extremely important.
The surgeon performing your ethnic rhinoplasty must be well versed in all the different approaches and techniques so as to provide the best results. Due to slight differences in the nasal structure, he may need to include some changes in order to meet your needs.
About The Procedure
There are several most common reasons for ethnic rhinoplasty:
Narrowing of the nasal passageways
Narrowing of the nasal tip extensions
Flattening a curved bridge
Removing bumps

During an ethnic rhinoplasty, the surgeon alters the shape of bone and cartilage inside the nose in order to reshape the nose externally. This is a complex process and may require time, but once the procedure is completed, your nostrils will be more narrow. The end of your nose can also be extended by adding cartilage harvested from your body.
Septoplasty is a procedure designed to correct a deviated septum which causes breathing problems. The procedure enables patients to breathe more easily as the air flows more freely through your nostrils.
About Septoplasty
The septum is what separates the two chambers in your nose. The nasal septum is made of bone and cartilage inside of your nose and it separates the nostrils. A small deviation in the nasal septum is quite common. This means that the wall partially blocks one nostril as it is asymmetrical and this causes difficulties while breathing. A septoplasty surgery corrects this problem and restores the septum to its symmetrical position.
About The Procedure
Septoplasty can be performed under local or general anesthesia, depending on your preference. Your surgeon will discuss this with you during your initial consultation. Local anesthesia combined with sedation numbs the nasal area and makes you feel groggy although you are still fully conscious. General anesthesia makes you unconscious during the procedure.
A septoplasty procedure involves trimming, replacing, and re-positioning of the cartilage and bone inside the nose. The surgeon works through the incisions that are made between the nostrils or on the side of your nose. In the case of crooked nasal bones which cause the problem, the surgeon reorients the bones by making cuts in them. Your surgeon can also uses small strips of cartilage called spreader grafts to correct the problem along the bridge. Contact our recommenced surgeons to learn more.
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