AWS SDK Ruby Updated Amazon Web Services Inc. (AWS), announced that the software development kit (SDK), for Ruby, has been updated to version 2. With many enhancements. The new AWS SDK Ruby supports more than 40 AWS services such as CodeDeploy and Storage Gateway, Amazon CloudSearch, and many others. In a blog post, Jeff Barr, a company executive, described the new features.

  • Resource interfaces for seven services. These are being released as preview releases.
  • Client response stubs. These stutters disable network traffic and cause clients’ to return fake or stubbed information.
  • Waiters. These pattern abstractions allow AWS API polling to continue until a target state has been achieved.
  • Response paging. These provide full response paging via client interfaces to help users access AWS from client abstractions.
  • Improved parameter validation. The SDK can now combine all validation errors and raise them in one pass.
  • Flexible Gem dependencies. Flexible Gem dependencies. The v2 SDK relies on multi_json gems and multi_xml gems. V1 depends on Nokogiri, JSON.
  • Structured response data. In v1, clients at low levels had to accept a hash of parameters and return the data as a hash. The new version uses descriptions to describe the entire response structure to create Ruby Struct objects.
  • API reference documentation improved (including examples). You can find the enhanced API docs here.

Barr also stated that Versions 1 and 2 use different namespaces. This allows you to use both in the same application, without having to modify your existing code. RubyGems now allows developers to install the aws–sdk gem.