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Beverly Hills Arm Lift Surgery
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Arm lift or brachioplasty is a surgical procedure designed to reduce excess skin and define the shape of your upper arm. The procedure reduces localized pockets of fat in the upper arm region and gives your arm a smooth tightened appearance.
Best Candidates For Arm Lift Procedure In Beverly Hills 
Major weight fluctuations as well as the natural aging process can cause your arm skin to become saggy and no amount of exercise can correct this problem. If the underside of your upper arms is saggy and loose, you may be a good candidate for an arm lift procedure. Arm lift will reduce excess skin and fat and reshape your upper arms givin them a more youthful, smoother appearance.
If you are thinking of having an arm lift, you should make sure that you fully understand the procedure and what it can do for you. It is important to maintain realistic expectations and consider both the benefits and the risks associated with arm lift procedure. Ideal arm lift candidates are healthy individuals as a serious medical condition may increase the risk of surgery and impair the healing process. It is desirable that your weight is relatively stable and that you are not significantly overweight. You should be a nonsmoker.
An arm lift procedure can:
Reduce excess sagging skin
Tightens the tissue that defines the shape of your upper arm
Reduce localized pockets of fat

If you decide to undergo the surgery, you should turn to a highly qualified surgeon to perform the procedure. Find a surgeon you can trust and make sure to ask him regarding an concerns you may have related to the procedure. You should consider a board-certified surgeon with lots of training and experience. He will explain the procedure to you and answer any questions you may have.
Risks Associated With The Procedure
When considering an arm lift surgery, you should consider the risks associated with the procedure. As with any other surgical procedure, certain complications are a possibility when undrgoing an arm lift procedure as well:
Anesthesia risks
Poor wound healing
Unfavorable scarring
Seroma (fluid accumulation)
Fat necrosis (when fatty tissue under the skin dies)
Damage to nerves, blood vessels, and muscles
Numbness of skin
Sutures may surface through the skin and cause irritation, drainage, and redness
Possibility of revision surgery

Procedural Steps
Arm lift procedure usually takes about 1 to 2 hours. An arm lift surgery includes the following steps:
Step 1-Anesthesia
Arm lift surgery can be performed under general anesthesia or intravenous sedation. Your doctor will help you choose the right option for your.
Step 2-The incision
The length of the incision depends on the amount as well as location of excess skin which is to be removed. This also greatly depends on the your surgeon’s best judgement. Usually, the incisions are placed either on the inside of the arm or on the back of the arm, depending on the choice your surgeon makes. The incisions extend from the underarm to just above the elbow.
Incisions can also be more limited, depending on your condition. The underlying supportive tissue is then tightened and reshaped with internal sutures, and the skin is smoother.
Step 3-Closing the Incisions
Your incisions can be closed with stitches that are to be removed after a few weeks or with absorb-able sutures.
Recovery And Results
You will be able to see almost immediate results after your brachiplasty or arm lift procedure. Tighter and smoother contours will be visible immediately although there will be welling and bruising. Dressing or bandages may be applied to your incisions after the procedure. A small tube may be temporarily placed under your skin to drain excess blood and fluid, and a compression garment may also be applied to your arms to minimize the swelling.
Your doctor will give you detailed instructions on how to take care of yourself after the surgery and you should follow his instructions carefully so as to avoid any complications and allow your body to heal. You should avoid any strenuous activity during recovery as this can impair the healing process.
Although results may be visible immediately after the surgery, the best results are not guaranteed. In some cases, a second surgery may be necessary to achieve the desired results. It is also important to be aware of the fact that the results of brachioplasty are not permanent and will be affected by the natural aging process. However, they are long-lasting provided that you maintain a stable weight. Weight fluctuations will affect the results of the surgery.
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