Are Project Managers the Dodo of the Agile Age?

This article was sponsored by KnowledgeHut. It was written by Shivam Abrol.
Is the position of project manager in peril? Project managers will be extinct in Agile age, just like the dodo.
Many project managers from the past lament that they don’t fit in the Agile context and are not appreciated for their methods. Why are project managers on the endangered species list?
One, project management has changed. The old methods required projects to be in place for a long time. It took months for a product to be delivered. Large teams and large organizations used to have substantial budgets for projects.
Agile working is gaining ground even within large organisations. Teams are now moving towards a product mindset. Budgets are shrinking, speed has overtaken perfection, and products can be on the market in weeks instead of years.
Don’t be a dodo
How can you remain relevant in the Agile age without extinction? Recognizing the importance of time and scheduling tasks so that tasks can be completed in hours or days, instead of weeks or months, is a way to avoid extinction.
The waterfall model of software development involves creating a requirements document. This is a lengthy process that requires the client’s approval before production can begin.
The next step is the testing and development. If the customer changes her mind or needs new requirements, then the entire process begins again.
Agile demands that project managers be more proactive. This role is no longer a person who manages the schedule and processes but someone who actively leads the project.
Stay current with technology
Technology is another important aspect. Rapid technological evolution and rapid changes mean that IT is becoming less labour-intensive and more productive. There are many tools that can make your life easier, more efficient, and faster. Learning new skills is the best way to adapt! You will no longer feel like a Stegosaurus in this tech age if you learn new tools and frameworks.
Process over outcome
Process driven mindsets are no longer acceptable. Your new mantra as a project manager in Agile is to prioritize outcome over process. To emulate this, you must have a good understanding of the business and product being built.
Today’s development is more chaotic and productive that it was in the past. It is essential that the team is allowed to express themselves. This can only be achieved when the project manager creates a more democratic, egalitarian environment. A project manager who is friend, guide, and philosopher will be more successful than a dictator. No longer is it possible to be a people person from the top, if ever they existed.
Agile’s success has been attributed to its ability to fail quickly. Don’t be afraid to fail. Don’t be afraid to fail.
5 ways to stay relevant
Keep relevant in the Agile age with:
Being more hands-on. You can’t be too superficial and ignore all the tasks you have to complete.
Understanding new technology. You must let go of your technical hubris.
Adopting a Product Manager mindset means thinking about the product, market, features, and stories.
Bridging the gap between product and technology.
Don’t be afraid to fail. Failure is not always a bad thing.
Project managers don’t have to go extinct. It’s far from the truth. With the valuable experience gained over time, a little reskilling is all it takes to make it more effective.