Android 7.1 Rollout to Nexus Devices will Begin on December 6

You will soon be able to experience new features of the software, as there is evidence that Android 7.1 will soon arrive for Nexus devices.
Vodafone Australia seems to have let the cat out the bag. Details of a December 6 release date are now available for the Nexus 6P.
This timeline is important because the final Google’s Android 7.1 developer preview was made available to the public on November 22. Security patches are generally at the beginning of each month. The timeline of a few more weeks to complete the Nougat release corresponds with Google’s prior notice.
After its release, the updated version will be called Android 7.1.1. This is because it includes many optimizations and bug fixes that were not available in the original 7.1 version. Google’s Pixel will also be updated to version 7.1.1 in December, along with Nexus updates. This will allow for a unified version number system.
These updates are usually delivered in small steps, which means that it can take up to two weeks for everyone to receive them. You may need patience if you have a Nexus 6P or 5X, 6, 9, Pixel C or Pixel C.
Why is it so important
Android 7.1 offers a variety of new, extraordinary features that will make your Nexus even more appealing to use. Google has fulfilled its promise to bring some of the most recent Pixel features to the last-generation Nexus devices (with the exception of the Google Assistant and custom launcher), which may bring some happiness to some Nexus enthusiasts. The future is undoubtedly the Pixel. If you want the best from Google, you might consider upgrading.
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