A Productivity Hack of a Different Type

You can try something new to increase your productivity
You can forget about your morning routine, biological prime time, or any productivity techniques you use. Instead, do the opposite. For example, instead of starting your day with the most difficult tasks (“eat a frog principle”), tomorrow you will be able to tackle the easier stuff. Don’t procrastinate, don’t drink your morning cup of coffee, and read a little. After lunch, when you feel sluggish, drink your coffee and get started working. Your energy level will soar and you’ll be so eager to do it that you won’t be capable of coping. You’ll feel the pressure of catching up after you have lost so much time, and then you will be able to work at an alarming pace because your brain doesn’t know what is happening.
You are under pressure to do things. This is your chance to make a comeback.
This technique is useful when you are starting a new project, or if you need to get creative and move forward. This technique is not something you can do all the time. You’ll eventually get used to it. You can use this technique sparingly, and you can switch it up once a week if you need more energy to get things done. “I have found that any slight change in the environment can stimulate a new surge of mental energy. It helps me if I am in one room and then go to the other. It’s hugely helpful to go outside and walk along the street. It’s great to go up and take a hot shower. I take extra showers. I’ll be down here in the living room and at an impasse. What will help me is going upstairs to take a shower. It helps me relax and breaks down everything. Woody AllenTry starting your day differently tomorrow to see how it goes. To gain a short-term productivity boost, you need to break out of your routine and use the novelty effect.