A Comprehensive Remote Work Guide Using ActiveCollab

These turbulent times require radical measures. Our users are most vocal about the challenge of going completely remote. We won’t be discussing whether or not your team should wear pants all the time. That’s not the point of this article. This guide will provide clear instructions on how to make a smooth transition to remote operations and get the most out of remote work. This guide will help you identify the most pressing challenges and provide concrete steps to overcome them with ActiveCollab.
Remote work presents a challenge in that you need to find the best way to distribute and organize tasks and assignments within your team. The Project section is the perfect solution. It gives you all the tools that you need to plan your activities ahead of time. It’s a label that describes the basic structural unit of your work. Projects can be used to organize your business activities, including internal processes, human resource activities, and actual projects for clients. Give your work the structure it needs with the ActiveCollab quick start guide
If your projects are structured as to-do lists, List View is the best way to organize them. If your projects are structured like to-do lists, each list can contain a set or milestones, with tasks serving as tasks. Column View allows you to create your own board-like structure and drag & drop tasks as if they were items on a Kanban board.
Once you have established the structure, it is time to invite colleagues, create remote teams and assign people to projects. Although it sounds daunting, ActiveCollab makes it easy. You can send invites directly from each project or from the People section. Depending on the access level you require, each user can be assigned a role. Once they are invited, you can set their hourly rate and group them into teams so that they stay with your company. [Additional instructions in our People section on the help page] Adding assignments and keeping focus
Once you have your projects set up and your people in place, it is time to assign tasks to each member of the team. ActiveCollab tasks offer more power than simple to-do lists. They allow you to assign tasks to individual team members, helping you keep your business on track with all your projects and initiatives, even if your team is remote. We all need to be in the zone, free from distractions, pings and notifications.
ActiveCollab can help you navigate complicated project timelines by clearly communicating deadlines to all parties and time-framing each task and milestone. The task’s start and due dates will be visible on the project calendar, timeline, and in the assignee’s My Work section. To make certain tasks more important, you can mark them high-priority to signal to your team to get started.