8 Project Management Software Benefits: Why Should You Use It?

The world has changed. Why is this happening? Smartsheet transforms your work.

Are you tired of sloppy white boards and sticky notes that are drooping? “Hey Jim, you done with that task yet?” shouted across the office (or Slack). Project management software is the modern way of controlling chaos in your workspace so you can focus on your deliverables.
A 2020 Wellingtone survey that surveyed 111 organizations across 29 countries found that 25% of project teams don’t have the right tools to collaborate. 36% of respondents also reported that manually collating project status information can take up to 5 hours per day. These problems can be solved by project management software.
This article explains.
Improved communication and team collaboration
Improved Resource Management
Simpler project reporting and analytics
Project Data Organized and Centralized
Remote Work: Improved
Better Budget Management
Risk identification and mitigation
Standardization of Processes Increased
8 Benefits of Project Management Software
Why should you use PM software? There are many benefits to project management software.
Our digital toolkit can be our only hope as project managers to keep us from having a meltdown and throwing our toys out the pram. You could find yourself lost in a sea of spreadsheets, post it notes, and paperwork without a project management solution. The right tools are essential to get projects off the ground. These tools can be helpful in certain areas.
1. Improved communication and team collaboration
You can now easily delegate tasks, tag colleagues in comments, and use document sharing features. Project management systems allow team members to stay in the loop about the smallest details and plans.
It prevents conversations from getting lost between email threads, instant messaging chats, handwritten notes, or emails. This is especially important for Agile teams.
It eliminates confusion and encourages timely completion of tasks by identifying who is responsible for what. This helps to reduce delays and organize the project planning process. Furthermore, everyone will be able to find every file easily, so asking for feedback and getting it back faster is possible. Information is never lost.
Another benefit to having all this information readily available is the ease of communicating with clients about status updates and everything else.
2. Improved Resource Management
Resource management is essential for any project team, regardless of whether you are part a creative marketing agency or a freelance contractor. No matter your situation, you will need to track, allocate, and track resources such as skilled and unskilled labor. ), and so forth.
Your team’s time and capacity are the most important resources. Project management software can help with time management. It has features that allow you to create work calendars, create gantt charts and schedule staff. You can also track time spent on tasks and reserve equipment and spaces. You can also analyze where resources are going and when.
3. Analytics and reporting are simpler for project reporting
Project management software can not only store your data, but also provides insights into many aspects of your projects and processes. Most project management software will come with customizable dashboards for reporting-at-a-glance (upcoming deadlines, task completion rates) as well as an in-depth business intelligence solution that will vary in power from PM tool to PM tool.
Wrike and monday.com are two examples of project management tools that focus on ease-of use.